VHIS provides reimbursement-basis coverage for hospitalization expenses

If you need a medical insurance for:

What is VHIS?

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may be your 


Day Surgery

Inpatient Treatment

Diagnostic Tests

Medical Examination

Standard VS Flexi Plan

You get broader coverages from Flexi Plan


Number of Benefit Items

Benefit limit for each item

Annual Benefit Limit

Lifetime benefit limit

12 - 16

> 12

> 12

Standard Plan

Flexi Plan

High End VHIS


HK$500 - 5M

> HK$20M

> HK$500K


 Pros of


Transparent premiums

Guaranteed Renewal until age of 100

Coverage for diagnostic imaging costs

(CT, MRI and PET included)

No waiting period

Protection in effect right when policy is in force

Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Coverage for Day Surgery

Tax Deduction

Coverage for inpatient mental illness treatment

(Even the Insured Person's health is worsen after policy is in effect)

(Info accessible on VHIS official website)

How much is

Coverage of the standard plan offered by different companies is similar. You may choose by comparing premiums directly!


While the most expensive plan out there cost HK$342 & HK$352.5 per month

per month

30-year-oldnon-smoking male



per month

30-year-oldnon-smoking female



How to apply for tax deduction with VHIS?

Say total premiums of all 3 policies is HK$10,000, Mr Chan can apply a tax deduction for the HK$10,000.



Policyholder could do so with the premium they paid for VHIS



Max. qualifying premium per insured is HK$8,000 

Mr Chan is the policyholder for all 3 policies.

Premium  x Tax Rate = Tax Dedcution Amount


Focus on the actual premiums in a long run

Premiums discount on the first year can easily deviate your attention. Choose a policy only if the premium itself is cost effective!

Insufficient coverage

Annual cost of cancer targeted therapy and immunotherapy is ~HK$1 million, meaning you may not need >HK$10 millions of benefit limits.

Past claim record of the insurance company

The no. of VHIS policies sold has reached 1,045,000 in 3 years. 65% of claim cases have claim ratio ≥ 90%. You should choose the company with a claim record that aligns with the market average!

Points to consider

while choosing your VHIS!

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to visit designated doctors/hospitals?

Are doctors and hospital visits outside Hong Kong included?

Is outpatient covered?

Is dental treatment covered?


Sure, except for psychiatric treatment, which is limited to HK only.

Yes! pre-and post-hospitalization, diagnostic imaging tests, to non-surgical cancer treatment are all protected! (no. of visit & benefit is limited) 

VHIS only covers dental treatment caused by accidents.

No, your preference on doctor / hospital is not limited for all the standard coverage items.

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