Senior Frontend Engineer | 資深前端工程師

About Us

Bowtie's mission is to create a digital insurance platform that brings greater good to consumers. As we grow towards that mission, we're looking for highly dynamic, hands-on and passionate talent to our team.

We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Fun, co-operative and flexible startup culture
  • Weekly sharing sessions and regular happy-hour gatherings
  • Flexible working hours
  • 5-day work week and Annual Leave
  • Benefits include medical/ dental coverage and wellness program
  • Professional Development Sponsorship
  • Hong Kong working visa sponsorship (onsite position)
  • Coaching by experienced engineers and domain experts
  • Direct exposure to various aspects of insurance operations
  • Agile task management

How to Apply

A description of your work history (whether as a resume, GitHub profile, LinkedIn profile, or prose)

About the Role

  • Build and architect a stable, secure, fast, and pleasant web experience for our users
  • Write frontend code that is clear, understandable, and also performant
  • Create reusable components that can be used across our entire frontend codebase. Refactor duplicative components into modules
  • Add to and maintain our frontend codebase test suite
  • Think about how different frontend implementations might impact users and the end user experience, evaluate and make these trade-offs while still moving relatively quickly
  • Instrument metrics and error logging, preempt vulnerabilities. Stay on the cusp of the frontend ecosystem, identify tools that work well for us
  • Work closely with design team and business functions, and decide what features work best to solve business problems

About You

  • Experience with modern Javascript and frontend frameworks, particularly Angular, Vue and React
  • Experience in writing applications with rest patterns and extensive use of asynchronous code
  • Experience with component-based design and building modular components that can be used throughout a codebase to increase velocity and ship things quickly
  • Familiarity with Javascript unit testing and integration testing frameworks
  • Experience in thinking about how to create a great experience to our end users, but also rock-solid secure and do not compromise on security
  • Clear communication, commitment to building an inclusive environment for people from every background
  • Self-motivated: able to look at a situation and forestall potential future problems

Candidate with more related working experience will be considered as Senior Frontend Engineer.