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Age: 25 / Sex: Male / Smoker: No
Bowtie VHIS Plan

More Protection for Less!
Enjoy 2-month premium waiver and a free body check (value HK$1,200) using the code 【2022】

Bowtie Pink VHIS Plan

High-end medical insurance with 4 deductible options and full coverage1 for eligible medical expenses.

Bowtie Term Life

Monthly premium as low as $24 for every $1 million sum insured*

Bowtie Term Critical Illness Insurance

Redefining the norm, Less is More. Buy what you know

Bowtie Cancer Fighter

Get cancer treatment protection for only $2 a day2

Bowtie Touch Wood Protector

Bowtie Accident Insurance covers medical expenses incurred from accidents, no matter how major or minor they are.

1. The Bowtie Pink Voluntary Health Insurance series fully covers eligible medical expenses such as diagnosis, hospitalisation, surgery, and prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments (except in the United States), and is subject to annual benefit limits and lifetime benefit limits. If the claim involves a Mainland China Hospital unlisted in / a High-end Mainland China Hospital listed in the “List of Designated Hospitals in Mainland China” or confinement in a room higher than the designated ward class or a pre-existing condition, the relevant benefit payable may be adjusted. For details, please refer to Section 1(b), 1(c) of the Supplement No. 1 and Section 6.4 of the Terms and Conditions.
2. Assuming that the monthly premium is $61 and the average daily premium is $2 for a non-smoker, 34 years old, male, insured under the “Cancer Fighter 100” plan. “Bowtie Cancer Fighter” offers $1,000,000 coverage every 3 years until the accumulated benefit reaches lifetime coverage limits. This is independent of the patient's medical condition.
*Calculated based on the standard premium for 18 year old non-smoker female
From now until 31 January 2022, new customer can enjoy 2-month premium waived (the 2nd and 4th month) and a free body check for successful enrolment in any Bowtie VHIS Plan with the code【2022】. The body check is only applicable to people aged 14 or above. Terms and conditions apply. Bowtie will send out an email about redemption after 30 days from the effective date of the eligible policy, and customers can follow the instructions to enjoy the offer. Eligible policies refer to Bowtie VHIS Plan policies that have been successfully approved by Bowtie on or before 31 Jan, 2022. 
From now until 31 January 2022, new customer can enjoy 2-month premium waived (the 2nd and 4th) for successful enrolment in any Bowtie Term CI, Bowtie Term Life and any Bowtie Cancer Medical Plan with the code【2022】.
“New customer” refer to the policyholder who has never held the policy of the same Bowtie insurance product nor been an insured person under the same Bowtie insurance product when purchasing the new policy.