Economical choice
Economical choice
Same coverage and the most affordable in town.^

Limited time offer


Technology enhances affordability

Save up to 68% of the premium with the same level of protection#

#The above data is based on the premiums of the Voluntary Health Insurance Standard Plan on the market on March 20, 2022. Plan premiums from other insurance companies are calculated based on annual premiums, using premiums for a 30-year-old non-smoking male as an example. Please refer to the relevant policy, and its terms and conditions for details.

Comply with the framework of VHIS from Health Bureau

Bowtie’s VHIS-Standard provides benefits items that are mostly the same as the market, with even better protections by providing total and permanent incapacity income benefit.

Cashless settlement to reduce your financial burden

If you are admitted to a private hospital, you may apply for our cashless settlement service to reduce financial stress on your emergency cash flow.

Covering your hospitalisation and surgeries expenses

470 types of surgery are covered uniformly across different VHIS plans on the market. However, the benefits covered by each plan may be different, which can affect the actual reimbursement rate. For details, please refer to the Benefit Schedule and Schedule of Surgical Procedures
Reimbursement is not limited to any accident or disease
Outpatient treatment before admission and after discharge is not covered
Symptom onset/ diagnosis
Prescribed diagnostic imaging tests
i.e. CT Scan, MRI Scan, PET Scan
Inpatient/Day Preoperative Outpatient Care
Outpatient or emergency care required prior to hospitalisation or day surgery
Room and board
Attending doctor's visit fee
Specialist’s fee
Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatment
i.e. Targeted drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.
Psychiatric treatment
Intensive care
Day case procedure such as endoscopy, cataract surgery
Day/ Inpatient Surgery
Surgeon’s fee
Anaesthetist’s fee
Operating theatre charges
i.e. Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, wart removal, etc.
Post-recovery follow-up
Post-confinement/day case procedure outpatient care 
但隨計劃附送的 BowtieGo 門診服務 ,可讓你以低至半價睇門診醫生,並毋須額外申請索償。
🤒 因傷風感冒前往醫院門診或診所求醫 (但毋須住院或接受手術)
🔎 因大便有血前往診所求醫
😷 接受腸鏡檢查
門診診金 +
🤕 因意外受傷而前往醫院門診或醫院急症室求醫 (不包括一般西醫診所)
門診診金 +
無經紀 一樣好 Claim
任何索償問題及申請,都有索償服務顧問  1 對 1 跟進
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Filing a claim is effortless.
For any claims issues and applications, there will be 1:1 follow-up by our claim specialist.
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Benefit Schedule

Suggested ward type

Benefit amountNo lifetime limit

Take a 30-year-old non-smoking male as an example

VHIS Standard
General Ward
Benefit amount
From $123/month
Detailed Benefit Schedule

Want to explore other coverage levels of Bowtie's VHIS plans?

Additional support

NEW No-Claim Rewards 1
Earn BowtieCash^ - worth 8% of your monthly premium to pay-off future medical expenses.
Cashless Settlement Service 2
Applicable to all private hospitals in Hong Kong, allowing you to have a worry-free treatment.
NEW 24 - hour Global Emergency Assistance 3
In the event of an emergency during a business trip or holiday, call the 24-hour worldwide emergency hotline for assistance.
NEW No Claims Rewards 2
Earn BowtieCash^ - worth 8% of your monthly premium to pay-off future medical expenses.
Cashless Settlement Service 3
Applicable to all private hospitals in Hong Kong, allowing you to have a worry-free treatment.
NEW 24 - hour Global Emergency Assistance 4
In the event of an emergency during a business trip or holiday, call the 24-hour worldwide emergency hotline for assistance.

Product Information

Eligible for persons aged 15 days to age 80
unknown pre-existing conditions are existing health conditions that the insured person was not aware of when applying for the policy, such as pre-existing conditions that were diagnosed and treated following the insurance application.
unknown pre-existing conditions
congenital conditions include congenital diseases that onset or diagnose at 8 years of age or later
and congenital diseases
In the second and third years after the policy comes into effect, partial protection is provided for "unknown pre-existing conditions", with reimbursement of 25% and 50% respectively, and full reimbursement is provided in the fourth year.
Please refer to the policy terms and conditions for details.
No waiting period
Excluding Unknown Pre-existing Conditions, enjoy 100% reimbursement starting from the second policy year.
Qualifying premiums of up to HK$8,000 paid under VHIS per year is eligible for Tax Deduction
Guaranteed annual renewal up to age 100
If the insurer immigrates to other countries, the premium might be adjusted based on the risk of relocated countries. For details, please contact Bowtie Customer Service at 3008 8123.
Worldwide coverage  (including immigration and travel)#
Monthly payment


  • Upon renewal, there shall be no re-underwriting. No additional rate of premium loading or case-based exclusions shall be imposed by reason of any change in the Insured Person's health conditions.
  • Upon renewal, we reserve the right to revise Policy Terms and Conditions, including the prevailing standard premium schedule, subject to prior approval by the Health Bureau.
Please refer to the policy terms and conditions for details.

Policy Cancellation

  • You may request cancellation of the policy by giving us a prior notice with at least 30 working days.

Cooling-off Period

  • Within 21 days of the cooling-off period, you may cancel the policy and receive a full refund of premium.

Tax Deduction

  • Taxpayers who purchase any Certified Plan of VHIS for him/herself or any specified family members are eligible for tax deductions. Click here for details.

Policy Exclusions

Under these Terms and Benefits, the Company shall not pay any benefits in relation to or arising from the following expenses:
  • Treatments, procedures, medications, tests or services which are not Medically Necessary;
  • Confinement solely for the purpose of diagnostic procedures or allied health services, unless such procedure or service is recommended by a Registered Medical Practitioner for Medically Necessary investigation or treatment of a Disability which cannot be effectively performed in a setting for providing Medical Services to a Day Patient;
  • Treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (“HIV”) and its related disability, which is contracted or occurs before the Policy Effective Date. If evidence of proof as to the time at which such Disability is first contracted or occurs is not available, manifestation of such Disability within the first 5 years after the Policy Effective Date shall be presumed to be contracted or occur before the Policy Effective Date (except cases where HIV and its related disability is caused by sexual assault, medical assistance, organ transplant, blood transfusions or blood donation, or infection at birth);
  • Dependence, overdose or influence of drugs, alcohol, narcotics or similar drugs or agents;
  • Self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide, illegal activity, or venereal and sexually transmitted disease or its sequelae;
  • Beautification or cosmetic purposes, unless necessitated by injury caused by an Accident and the Insured Person receives the Medical Services within 90 days of the Accident;
  • Correction of visual acuity or refractive errors that can be corrected by fitting of spectacles or contact lens;
  • Prophylactic treatment or preventive care (except treatments, monitoring, investigation or procedures with the purpose of avoiding complications, removal of pre-malignant conditions, and prevention of recurrence of complication);
  • Dental treatment and oral and maxillofacial procedures performed by a dentist (except for emergency treatment and surgery during Confinement arising from an Accident);
  • Medical Services and counselling services relating to maternity conditions and its complications or sexual dysfunction;
  • Purchase of durable medical equipment or appliances;
  • Traditional Chinese medicine treatment;
  • Experimental or unproven medical technology or procedure in accordance with the common standard, or not approved by the recognised authority, in the locality where the treatment, procedure, test or service is received;
  • Congenital Conditions which have manifested or been diagnosed before the Insured Person attained the age of 8;
  • Treatment for Disability arising from war, civil war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power;
  • Reimbursements under any law, or medical program or insurance policy provided by any government, company or other third party.
The above list is for reference only. You should refer to the “General Exclusions” section in the Terms and Conditions of this plan for the complete list and details of exclusions.

Bowtie VHIS Registration Information

  • Name of VHIS certified plan :
    Bowtie VHIS Standard
  • VHIS certification number:
    Available for new application
    Not available for new applications
  • VHIS Provider Registration No.:
  • Registration Effective Date:
    21 March 2019
The information on the page is for reference only. For the full and detailed policy terms and conditions, please refer to the product documents.

Mix and match to fill protection gaps

Extra cancer coverage

From $57/month6

Bowtie Cancer Fighter
Supplementary coverage for non-surgical cancer treatment such as targeted drugs, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Best for Top-up

Free upgrades in coverage
Get adequate protection at an affordable price

Upgrades in Bowtie’s VHIS in 2024

Check out what’s new this year!
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Our customer service staff will listen to your concerns, provide detailed explanation of the products, assist with quotations and insurance applications.
About the application procedures →

Filing a Claim

Our claims specialist will follow up on the claim application and progress. We will also provide compensation estimates and arrange cashless settlement services. A hotline for the claim department is set up for your enquiries!
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Management of policies

Insurance and claim application progress will be updated via email and online platform. You may view and download all policy documents, benefit balance, claim records and other information at any time on the online platform!

Highly Recognised by Our Customers

Bowtie VHIS customers
Ratio of approved claims 5
Customer service satisfaction rating
Successful self-service online application
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Is outpatient treatment covered by VHIS?

VHIS Standard Plan covers a limited number outpatient care visits related to pre and post-hospitalisation and day case procedure. Prescribed diagnostic imaging tests such as CT, MRI, PET, PET-CT and PET-MRI are also covered up to 70%.

What sets Bowtie VHIS products apart from other traditional insurance companies?

From day one, we reinvented the very structure of an insurance company and harness the latest technology. Everything is done online from initial application to underwriting to making a claim. By offering commission-free products and reducing operating costs through efficiencies, we can keep premiums at their lowest while still offering the same level of protection.

From a service standpoint, we are no different from traditional insurance companies. We also provide comprehensive and convenient customer care including claims assistance and after-sales support from our professional medical team. BowtieCash, our unique loyalty program helps relieve customers’ medical expense burden at critical moments in their lives.

Do I still need individual medical insurance if my employer provides group medical insurance?

Group medical insurance typically offers basic protection only and does not cover you after you leave the company. We recommend customers review their group medical insurance policies to determine if the level of protection is adequate. If you find that the coverage from your group medical insurance is insufficient, you can consider purchasing an individual medical insurance plan to increase protection.

Will the premiums go up significantly in the future?

We do not foresee the premiums increase significantly in the future. In fact, early on in the product development stages, we had already factored in future expenses and reviewed industry data from reinsurers when we set the premiums.

Why are Bowtie VHIS Standard Plan premiums so much lower than most other insurers?

Bowtie is the first-ever virtual insurance company. By harnessing the latest technology, we offer commission-free products without intermediaries and reduce operating costs through efficiencies. As a result, we can keep premiums at their lowest while offering the same level of protection.

What is VHIS Standard Plan?

According to the Health Bureau, all VHIS Standard Plans must meet 10 minimum requirements including guaranteed renewal up to age 100 without lifetime benefit limit, coverage for hospitalization and day case procedure, pre-existing conditions and prescribed diagnostic imaging tests and more.

Are the VHIS Plan premiums tax deductible?

Yes. According to the Food and Health Bureau, not only can the policyholders claim a tax deduction on qualifying premiums up to HK$8,000 per year, they can also make deduction claims for more than one insured person without any limitation on the numbers of insured people or policies.

All Hong Kong ID holders age 18 or above are eligible for this tax benefit. For specific tax advice, please contact your tax consultant.

What is the difference between VHIS and other medical insurance plans?

VHIS products are designed and regulated by the government, including coverage, benefit limit and terms and conditions. There are three key differences between VHIS and other medical insurance plans:

  1. Medical insurance plans typically have a lifetime benefit limit. VHIS Standard Plan has an annual benefit limit of HK$420,000 and no lifetime benefit limit.
  2. Most medical insurance plans on the market do not cover pre-existing conditions, but VHIS covers pre-existing conditions starting from the second policy year.
  3. VHIS covers 70% of outpatient expenses for prescribed diagnostic imaging tests such as CT, MRI, PET, PET-CT, PET-MRI while typical medical insurance plans do not.
Can I apply for more than 1 VHIS series policy?

Yes, Bowtie currently allows each insured person to have

  • two Bowtie VHIS Standard policies or
  • a Bowtie VHIS (VHIS Standard / Flexi Regular / Flexi Plus) policy and a Bowtie Pink VHIS policy (except for $0 deductible plans)
Does Bowtie VHIS provide coverage overseas?

This Plan aims to provide coverage to Insured Persons who reside in Hong Kong, therefore the coverage shall remain effective if the Insured Persons go out of town for business or travel temporarily.

If the Insured Persons plan to permanently reside overseas, we started accepting change of residency requests without policy termination to all Bowtie individual insurance plans (including VHIS, Term Life, Term Critical illness, Touchwood Protector  and Cancer Fighter) in any countries/ regions (except for those subject to sanction restrictions). Generally speaking, depending on where you relocate to, an extra loading might be applied to reflect the higher risks of the relocated countries as fairness to other policyholders in the insurance pool. We encourage customers to contact us if they want to understand how this works.

  • Designated countries/regions include: China (except for Tibet and Xinjiang), US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Canada and South Africa (including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban only) (appropriate adjustment and revision will be made from time to time)

For any enquiries, please contact our customer service team at 3008-8123.

Can I apply for the same Bowtie Pink VHIS Plan with my family and friends?

No, each VHIS Standard, Flexi, or Pink Plan can only have one policyholder and one insured person. However, policyholders can apply for their eligible family members.

Eligible family members refer to the policyholder's spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, or spouse's siblings, parents and grandparents.

How does the underwriting process work?

Bowtie leverages Hong Kong’s first-of-its-kind fully online medical underwriting system to evaluate applicants’ health conditions instantly. No medical examinations or paper forms are required, and as a result, the application process is shortened from at least three days to as quick as 10 minutes.

Based on the health information you provided, we analyze the severity of your previous illnesses and instantly provide the fairest and most accurate premium rates. Typically, if the applicant is in good health, premiums would be low. 95% of the questions in our underwriting system are multiple choice.

What should I do if I don’t understand an underwriting question and I am not sure how to answer it?

You can contact us through the following channels if you have questions about our underwriting or unsure how to answer.

Please note inaccurate information may impact future claims results.

What should I do if I mistakenly gave an inaccurate answer for an underwriting question?

If you mistakenly gave an inaccurate answer for an underwriting question in your application, please contact us as soon as possible through the following channels to make the correction.

Please note inaccurate information may impact claims results in the future.

How come I did not get an instant quote?

If you are unable to get an instant quote, it doesn’t mean your application is declined. It may be due to one of the following:

  1. We are unable to accept your application due to your current health condition.
  2. You expressed that you have reservations about the answers you provided to our underwriting and need further assistance.
  3. We are currently enhancing our underwriting system allowing us to re-process your application.
  4. You selected “Other illnesses” and we need more information from you.

If you provided us with your email address in your application, Bowtie customer service will be in touch to assist with your application.

I have medical insurance policies from two different insurance companies, which one should I submit a claim to first?

It’s up to you which insurer you wish to submit a claim to first. If you need to submit a claim to more than one insurer, you will need to include the claims details provided by the first insurance company along with the required documents in your claims submission to the second insurer, as well as the true copy or certified copy of the medical bills.

If I have questions about Bowtie services, what can I do?

Just like traditional insurance companies, you can contact us through our customer service centre, hotline, email and LiveChat for assistance with application, claims estimates or claims submission.

You can call our customer service hotline 3008 8123 anytime or email us at We value your feedback and will follow up as soon as possible. If necessary, you can book an appointment to visit our customer service centre where our dedicated service team will serve you.

How do I make a claim?

You can request a claim estimate or submit a claim directly on our website. After you have submitted a claim, Bowtie will assign a claims specialist to assist you throughout the claims process and follow up with you. If you have any questions about your claims, you can also call our customer service hotline at 3008 8123 or email us at

Does VHIS Standard Plan only cover hospitalization and hospital-related expenses such as surgery and doctor’s fee?

VHIS Standard Plan coverage includes not only hospitalisation and hospital-related fees, but also day case surgery, pre- and post-hospitalization day case procedure, outpatient care, and prescribed diagnostic imaging tests (ex. CT, MRI, PET, PET-CT, OET-MRI).

Will my renewal premiums increase because I made claims? Will my renewal be denied due to the claims?

Annual renewal premiums are adjusted according to age. We do not increase premiums for individual policyholders because of the number of claims made, claim amounts or their health conditions.

In addition, VHIS Standard Plan guarantees renewal up to age 100 and VHIS Flexi Plan guarantees lifetime renewal. We will not reject your renewal request due to your claim history or health condition.

Change of ownership of the Policy

Bowtie shall not reject any application by the policyholder for the transfer of ownership to 

(a) the Insured Person if he has reached the Age of eighteen (18) years; 

(b) the parent or the Guardian of the Insured Person if he is a Minor; or 

(c) any person whose familial relationship with the Insured Person is accepted by Bowtie according to its prevailing underwriting practices.

Inquiries and Complaint Channels

VHIS Office – set up under the Health Bureau, handles VHIS-related matters, including product offerings, approved product features and the code of practice for insurance companies under the ambit of the VHIS; 

Insurance Authority – regulates the conduct of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries;

Inland Revenue Department – manages matters related to tax deductions; and

Bowtie – policyholders can submit their complaints by mail or call the customer service hotline 3008 8123.

What should I do if during the claims process, I discover that the insured person forgot to declare pre-existing illnesses?

In this case, you need to redo the underwriting process. If the declared health condition impacts the risk assessment outcome, new exclusions may be added to your policy, your premiums may be adjusted or your policy may be cancelled.

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Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited (Bowtie) is a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong. Bowtie VHIS Standard Plan is underwritten by Bowtie and intended for sale in Hong Kong only. If you see a "+" symbol, you can click on it to view more information.
1 Bowtie VHIS No-Claim Rewards Program is available to customers of Bowtie’s VHIS products only. This reward scheme is not a cash reward scheme and does not form part of the Bowtie Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme. Terms and Conditions apply.
2 The Cashless Settlement Service is only available for inpatient treatment and must be pre-approved by Bowtie. For details of the terms and conditions of service, please refer to the relevant website.
3 The Global Emergency Assistance Service is provided by a third party service provider and does not form part of the Bowtie Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme. Bowtie reserves the right to modify the content of global emergency support services and will not be responsible for the services provided by third-party service providers. There is no additional premium required for these services.
4 According to data analysis by YouGov, an international market research organisation, Bowtie has been the "Insurance brand with the most customers considering it to be good value for money" in Hong Kong for two consecutive years since 2021. Value for money doesn’t just mean “cheap”, but means that it can bring value and services to consumers that are equivalent to the price
5 The above is the average approved claim rate for Bowtie VHIS "Standard", "Flexible - Regular", "Flexible - Upgrade" and Bowtie Pink as of August 2023.
6 Calculated based on the standard premium of a 30-year-old non-smoking male insured with Bowtie Cancer Fighter 300.

^ As of the premium information published on the website of the Medical and Health Bureau on March 20, 2022, the premiums for the Bowtie VHIS-Standard Plan for non-smokers aged 0 to 80 are the lowest in the market.
# Psychiatric treatment under the Bowtie’s VHIS Plan is only available in Hong Kong.
* Terms and Conditions apply