Bowtie Group Insurance Plan Limited Time Offer Terms & Conditions:

1. 保泰團體及公司醫療保險限時優惠(「此推廣活動」) 只適用於由2020年11月11日至2020年12月31日期間(包括首尾兩天)(「推廣期」)成功投保保泰團體保險計劃之保單並為其員工申請 成長級別或企業級別為核心計劃級別之保單(「合資格保單」)。
1. Bowtie Group Insurance Plan Limited Time Offer (“The Campaign”) is valid from Nov 11, 2020 to Dec 31, 2020, both days inclusive ("The Campaign Period"). The Campaign is applicable to Bowtie’s Group Insurance Plan Growth Level or Enterprise Level policies successfully enrolled under the Core Plan Level (“The Eligible Policy)”).

2. 在此條款及細則約束下,投保人之保單須符合以下項目2.1 - 2.3之條件方可免費享有Deliveroo 戶戶送電子現金券:
2.1. 須於推廣期內成功投保保泰團體保險計劃的合資格保單;
2.2. 投保公司須從未持有任何保泰團體保險計劃之保單;
2.3. 申請須獲Bowtie成功批核;合資格保單必須維持生效期最少⼀個⽉。
2. An Eligible Policy must fulfill the following conditions (2.1 – 2.3) in order to enjoy a free Deliveroo cash e-voucher:
2.1. The Eligible Policy of the Bowtie Group Insurance Plan is successfully enrolled during The Campaign Period;
2.2. The policy holder has never held any Bowtie Group Insurance Plan;
2.3. The Eligible Policy is approved by Bowtie and should be effective for at least 30 days.

3. 於推廣期內,合資格保單之持有人可獲得Deliveroo港幣100電子現金券(「禮品」), 禮品數量將按合資格保單內於保單申請日的核心計劃總人數計算。此禮品不適用於附屬計劃級別。
3. During The Campaign Period, each eligible policy holder will be entitled to $100 Deliveroo cash e-voucher (“The Offer”); total number of The Offer will be subject to the number of Insured Person of Core Plan Level in the Eligible Policy stated on the enrolment date. The Offer is not applicable to the Supplementary Plan Level.

4. Deliveroo 戶戶送港幣100現電子現金券有效換領期為即日起至2021年4月30日。
4. The Deliveroo cash e-voucher should be redeemed on or before Apr 30, 2021.

5. Deliveroo 戶戶送電子現金券 (「此優惠」) 只適用於在此推廣期內成功投保之公司。此優惠不可更換、退回、轉換其他禮品、轉售,或與其他推廣優惠及/或現金券同時使用。
5. The Offer can only be redeemed by policy holder of each successful application during the Campaign and The Offer cannot be changed, returned, exchanged for other gifts, transferred to other third party or used in conjunction with other promotional offers.

6. 合資格享有此優惠的投保公司,  Bowtie將會在相關保單生效後的45天內發出換領電郵, 投保公司可跟據指示進行換領。
6. Bowtie will send out a redemption email to the policy holder who is eligible for The Offer within 45 days after the policy becomes effective. The policyholder can follow the instructions in the email to redeem The Offer.

7. Bowtie並非此優惠之供應商,此優惠由Deliveroo Hong Kong Limited (Deliveroo 戶戶送) 提供。由此服務或其他Deliveroo 戶戶送提供的服務所產生之任何責任,及有關服務之任何問題或投訴或其相關服務質素,Bowtie概不負責,請直接與有關供應商或第三方電話聯絡或查詢。
7. Bowtie is not the supplier of The Offer and makes no representation or guarantee as to the quality of The Offer and is not responsible for any matter relating to The Offer. Deliveroo Hong Kong Limited (Deliveroo) is the supplier of The Offer and is responsible for all issues on the provision, obligations and disputes relating to The Offer. Please contact Deliveroo directly for any queries.

8. 任何因電腦、網路等技術問題導致投保人所遞交的資料有所遲延、遺失、錯誤的情況,Bowtie毋須負上任何責任。所有與投保有關之日期及時間(包括但不限推廣期)均以Bowtie的時間紀錄為準。
8. Bowtie will not be liable for any matter or loss in relation to submission delay, loss, and any information transmission error due to technical problems including but not limited to any computer or internet network issues. All dates and time related to The Campaign (including but not limited to the Offer Period) are recorded according to the reception of Bowtie’s server and computer records.

9. Bowtie保留在不作任何事前通知的情況下修改、暫停或取消此優惠及修改其條款及細則的權利。如對以上優惠有任何爭議, Bowtie保留最終決定權。
9. Bowtie reserves the right to modify this Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, Bowtie reserves the right of final decision.