Bowtie Nov Flash Deal Terms and Conditions

1. Bowtie 「11月快閃」優惠(「此優惠」)只適用於由2020年11月9日至2020年11月22日期間(包括首尾兩天)(「推廣期」)成功投保保泰人壽保險有限公司(「Bowtie」)的指定保險產品(「合資格產品」)。Bowtie November Flash Deal Promotion ("Promotion") is only applicable to  successful application of designated insurance products ("Designated Products") insured by Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited ( "Bowtie") between November 9, 2020 and November 22, 2020 (both dates inclusive) ("Promotion Period").

2.在此條款及細則約束下,投保人之申請須符合以下項目2.1 - 2.4之條件方可享有此優惠(「成功投保」):Subject to these terms and conditions, the application must meet the requirements listed in items 2.1-2.4 to enjoy this Promotion ("Successful Application"):
   2.1. 須於推廣期內成功投保項目3中任何一項合資格產品
                 Successfully apply any of the Designated Products listed in item 3 during the promotion                   period;
   2.2. 受保人從未持有任何Bowtie合資格產品之保單或成為任何Bowtie合資格產品之保單下
                  The insured person has never been a policy holder of any Bowtie insurance policy of the                   Eligible Products nor been an insured person under any Bowtie insurance policy of the                   Eligible Products ("Eligible Insured Person”);
   2.3. 投保人使用推廣編號「NEW2BOWTIE」成功投保;
                  The policy holder has used the promo code “NEW2BOWTIE” to  successfully apply the                    Designated Product; 
   2.4. 申請須獲Bowtie成功批核。 
                   The application must be approved by Bowtie.

3. 於推廣期內,凡成功投保合資格產品的合資格受保人,可享首個成功投保合資格產品的相關獎賞(「獎賞」)。
During the Promotion Period, the insured person of the Successful Application can enjoy the corresponding reward of the first successfully enrolled Designated Product ("Reward") .

Designated Product


Any Bowtie VHIS Plan

 $4,000 BowtieCash + 豁免2個月保費(第4及第7個月之保費)
$4,000 BowtieCash + 2 Months’ Premium Waiver(The 4th and 7th month's premium)

Bowtie Accidental Medical Plan

4 Months’ Premium Waiver(The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th month's premium)

Any Bowtie Cancer Medical Plan

4 Months’ Premium Waiver(The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th month's premium)

 Bowtie 人壽保
Bowtie Term Life

4 Months’ Premium Waiver(The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th month's premium)

 Bowtie 危疾保
Bowtie Term CI

4 Months’ Premium Waiver(The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th month's premium)

4. 就每張合資格保單,獎賞中的 BowtieCash 部份(如有)將會在合資格產品之保單冷靜期後一個月內,自動存入到受保人的保單。而獎賞中的保費豁免將於受保人合資格產品之保單繕發後生效。
For each Successful Application, the BowtieCash reward (if any) will be allocated to the insured’s policy within one month after the cooling-off period of the policy of the eligible product. The premium waiver will be effective upon the issuance of the insured’s policy of the eligible product.

5. BowtieCash 可於索償時支付超過保泰自願醫保計劃所載的賠償限額的合資格醫療費用 ,受BowtieCash推廣活動細則約束。
BowtieCash can be applied to cover your eligible medical costs that exceed the benefit limit stated in the insurance policy, subject to the campaign rules of the BowtieCash Program.

6. 任何因電腦、網路等技術問題導致申請人所遞交的資料有所遲延、遺失、錯誤的情況,Bowtie毋須負上任何責任。所有與投保有關之日期及時間(包括但不限活動期)均以Bowtie的時間紀錄為準。
Bowtie shall not be held responsible for any delay, loss, or error in the information submitted by the applicant due to computer and/or Internet connection and technical problems. For the record of application for this Promotion (including but not limited to the date and time), Bowtie’s system record shall prevail.

7. 此優惠不可更換、退回、轉換其他禮品或現金,或與其他推廣優惠及/或現金券同時使用。
This Promotion cannot be replaced, returned, exchanged for other gifts or cash, or used in conjunction with other promotional offers and/or cash coupons.

8. Bowtie保留在不作任何事前通知的情況下修改、暫停或取消此優惠及修改其條款及細則的權利。如對以上優惠有任何爭議, Bowtie保留最終決定權。
Bowtie reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel this Promotion and modify its terms and conditions without any prior notice. In case of any dispute about the above offer,  the decision of Bowtie shall be final and conclusive.