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Bowtie 自願醫保系列免費升級

  • [所有計劃適用] 推出全新「無索償獎賞」計劃,讓自願醫保客戶賺取相等於每月保費 8% BowtieCash 以抵消未來醫療開支!
  • [靈活計劃及 Bowtie Pink 適用] 調整「未知的已有疾病」等候期至保單生效日後首 180 日:於保單生效日後的第 181 日起,受保人可就「未知的已有疾病」的合資格醫療開支,按保障限額賠償 100%。
  • [Bowtie Pink 計劃適用] 提高 Bowtie Pink - 私家房的保障限額:**計劃每年保障限額將由 HK$1,000 萬提⾼至 HK$2,000 萬,而終身保障限額會由 HK$5,000 萬提⾼至 HK$8,000 萬。
  • [Bowtie Pink 計劃適用] 簡化免核保調低自付費的年齡要求:**只要有關保單計劃已連續生效 2 年或以上,保單持有人便可於受保人年滿 55 歲、 60 歲、65 歲、70 歲、75 歲或 80 歲當日或緊隨的保單續保日不少於 30 天前提出申請,在毋須重新核保及提供受保人的可保證明的情況下,調低或取消自付費。
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Apr 2023

Free upgrade on Bowtie VHIS Series

Product update
  • [Applicable to all plans] Launched New "No Claim Reward", all VHIS customers can earn equal to 8% of monthly premium BowtieCash to minimize your future medical costs!
  • [Applicable to Flexi plan and Pink plan] Adjust the waiting period for "Unknown pre-existing conditions" to the first 180 days from the effective date of the policy. From the 181st day after the effective date of the policy, the insured get 100% reimbursement for eligible medical expenses for "Unknown pre-existing conditions"
  • [Applicable to Pink plan]  Increase the Benefit Limit of Bowtie Pink - Private Room, Annual Benefit Limit increased from HK$10,000,000 to HK$20,000,000; and Lifetime Benefit Limit increased from HK$50,000,000 to HK$80,000,000
  • [Applicable to Pink Plan] Simplified the age condition of reducing the deductible options without re-underwriting. Where the relevant policy has been in force for 2 consecutive years or more, the policyholder can request to reduce or cancel the deductible not less than 30 days prior to the Renewal Date on or immediately following the date that the Insured Person attains the Age of 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 or 80.