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1 What is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance, as the name suggests, provides protection for medical expenses incurred by the insured due to illness or injury. Generally, the compensation is made to the insured on a reimbursement basis and has a benefit limit. For more information, read on!
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What is Medical Insurance?

2 What is VHIS?

Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) is a policy initiative launched by the Health Bureau. It is a type of personal medical insurance and has gradually become the most popular medical insurance plan in Hong Kong. What are its philosophy and objectives? How is it different from traditional medical insurance? Who can apply for it? Find out now!
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What is VHIS?

3 Types of VHIS

There are various types of VHIS available on the market, including standard, flexi, and high-end VHIS plans. What are the differences between these plans and how can you compare them? Let us help you choose the right medical insurance!
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Types of VHIS

4 VHIS Premiums

Premiums for medical insurances increase almost every year, what factors affect the increase or decrease of premiums? There are multiple VHIS available in the market, which one has the lowest premium? Compare and find out now!"
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VHIS Premiums

5 VHIS Coverage/ Benefits

When it comes to buying a medical insurance, sufficient coverage should be in everyone's consideration. Wondering if VHIS covers cancer, outpatient services, dental care or physical examinations? In fact, every VHIS plans vary in protection items. Allow us to walk you through the benefits of individual plans.
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VHIS Coverage/ Benefits

6 VHIS Tax Deduction Guide

One of the main selling points of VHIS is that premiums are tax-deductible. How much can you save on taxes? How to calculate the deductible amount? Learn about the key points for tax deduction & money-saving tips now!
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VHIS Tax Deduction Guide

7 How to get insured and file claims?

Want to purchase a VHIS but not sure where to start? Let us guide you through the whole purchasing process from underwriting to family history, renewal procedure. We would also show you how to file a claim. Learn more!
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How to get insured and file claims?

8 Slangs you may be interested in

Confused about the slangs while studying information about VHIS? What is co-insurance, SMM, Unknown pre-existing conditions? Read the guide we prepare for you now.
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Slangs you may be interested in
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Looking for a detailed introduction of the coverage, benefits and premiums of VHIS? Read this!
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