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In 2017, the Hong Kong Insurance Authority launched the virtual insurance license scheme and opened up unprecedented possibilities for the industry. Before this, a group of actuaries quit their comfortable jobs to become outsiders and really focus on how the industry could finally be modernized and truly serve its original noble purposes. 

After rigorous examination of our financial resources, management expertise and technological capabilities, Bowtie was approved by the Insurance Authority on December 2018 to become Hong Kong's first virtual insurer.

Bowtie believes that Insurance is Fundamentally Good. We are here to bring the Good back, through Modern Technology.

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Real Insurance.

Insurance is fundamentally good, but the current system is backward. Instead of serving its original purpose of providing protection, far too many insurance products in Hong Kong are designed with savings or investments in mind and complex fine print. Bowtie believes insurance should be protection-focused, transparent and truly customer-centric.

Zero commission is only the first step. By eliminating paper and simplifying the insurance experience, Bowtie's mission is to deliver real insurance that is tailored to each and every customer.

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The Team

Fred Ngan FSA

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Fred is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and disruption. He previously practiced in Chicago, London, Toronto and Hong Kong as a consulting actuary at reputable global advisory firms such as EY and Oliver Wyman.

Michael Chan FSA, CFP

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Michael is a mission-driven entrepreneur with a deep belief that insurance is fundamentally good. He has over 10 years of international experience in insurance.

Alan Lam FSA

Chief Risk Officer

Alan is an actuary with 13 years of international experience in a traditional insurer focused on distribution, asset-liability management and financial metrics. He joins the Bowtie team aspiring to build the next generation insurance company. In his spare time, he’s a big fan of the hiking trails, road trips, and visiting museums with his wife and baby daughter.

Gary Wong

Head of Growth

Gary has 4 years of experience in investment banking and has worked in a number of US Silicon Valley and Hong Kong startups, specializing in helping the company grow from 0 to 1. He loves football and his favorite team is Barcelona. He has dreamed about becoming a Barcelona player since childhood.

Jacky Lio MRCP (UK), MBBS (Lond.)

Chief Medical Officer

Jacky was trained in UK as a Specialist in Acute Medicine. Years of NHS service had given him heart felt insights into the pros and cons of public healthcare. He is now ready to lay down his scalpel and pick up his keyboard, looking to leverage all he learnt to help Bowtie tailor medical products that truly benefits the need of Hong Kong.

John Tsang GBM, JP

Senior Advisor

John Tsang is the former financial secretary of Hong Kong and has more than 34 years of civil service experience. He holds a master's degree in bilingual education from Boston State College, a master's degree in public education from Kennedy school of government at Harvard University and a bachelor's degree in architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“While digital technology is on the rise, we believe the current system is backward and needs change. Hong Kong desperately needs a challenger insurer to rethink what insurance should be – truly customer-centric, transparent and commission-free.”

Fred Ngan

Fred Ngan

Bowtie Co-CEO

“As a real Hong Kong start-up, Bowtie is all about delivering convenience through technology. This is exciting because we get to reinvent the very structure of an insurance company, designing around the bureaucracy plaguing everyone and replacing it with modern technology.”

Michael Chan

Michael Chan

Bowtie Co-CEO

Join the Revolution

The Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Bowtie, Fred and Michael, are home-grown serial entrepreneurs who left their comfortable actuarial roles at global advisory firms in the United States to start two successful insurtech start-ups in Hong Kong prior to founding Bowtie.

Inspired by the founders' vision, Bowtie has attracted talent from both local and Silicon Valley tech startups, as well as former C-level executives from international insurance companies to drive industry change.

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