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Hello, we are Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited.

Your protection, our core intention

The original purpose of insurance is to protect the needs of life, but the market is dominated by investment products, resulting in a serious "protection gap" that widens the gap between the protection needed and the resources available.

We use technology to reduce costs and provide "pure protection" products that really suit the needs of the public, so that they can get better protection at a lower cost.

We want to drive a change in the industry by transforming traditional sales practices, simplifying enrolment, claims procedures and also "the devil’s clauses". We believe that "just fit is the best".


On what occasions do we wear a bowtie? Graduation, marriage, tying the bowknots for your daughter or the shoelaces for the kids, every single one of them is a special moment! We want to protect each of your special moments!

Our company is named Bowtie because we want to build a brand that reaches out to everyone.

Within 4 years, Bowtie has been providing a wide range of medical coverage to the Hong Kong public.
Let's continue to deliver a better insurance experience for you.

Total amount of Insurance Coverage

* As of May 2023 in Hong Kong Dollars. Total amount equals life insurance coverage + health insurance coverage.

Our Awards

Most Innovative Product/Service
Life Insurance (Health)
Hong Kong Insurance Awards
Outstanding Digital Marketing Campaign
Hong Kong Insurance Awards
Excellence in Digital Transformation
Top 3 Finalist
Hong Kong Insurance Awards
Leader of Tomorrow
(Mr. Fred Ngan)
Gen. T List
Outstanding Virtual Insurer
(Digital Health and Technology)
Health Partnership Awards
Iconic Star
(Mr. John Tsang)
IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards
InsurTech Diamond Award
IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards
Fintech Development Leader
(Mr. Fred Ngan)
IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards

Our team

The professional team at Bowtie consists of actuaries, medical practitioners, customer service specialists, software engineers, designers, marketing and insurance professionals, many of whom come from the top 10 insurance companies. We want to build an innovative, professional and passionate team to reinvent the online insurance experience for our customers through technology.

Our management team

Our investors are top industry players and our first round and B1 round of financing has exceeded HK$400 million.


With the advancement of technology, I believe that the market needs a new force to introduce basic medical protection to every Hong Kong citizen.

John Tsang
Bowtie Senior Advisor

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In 2018, Bowtie became the first authorised virtual insurance company in Hong Kong under the Insurance Authority to provide a fully digital insurance experience for Hong Kong people through innovative technology and medical expertise.

Learn more about the medical products and benefits offered by Bowtie and experience first-hand the difference between virtual and traditional insurance.