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Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan

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5 minutes refers to the process of adding new employees and activating their Group medical insurance protection through the digital platform, upon the corresponding group medical plan becomes effective.

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Outpatient Turnaround
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* Data extracted from third quarter of 2023; the claims process will be quicker & smoother if the required documents are well prepared.
* eClaims accept e-copy without limit on amount
*The promotion is subject to terms and conditions and is only applicable to policies of Pro Bronze, Pro Silver, or Pro Gold medical insurance plans successfully insured with Bowtie Insurance Company from July 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023.

For SMEs that really care about their employees

3 series, 7 plans Choose 1 that fits your needs
^ See all details including Coverages, Exclusions, and Key Product Risks
1 Applicable to outpatient and dental services provided by BowtieGo medical network only. The actual amount paid depends on the doctor and actual medical needs.
2 Applicable to Basic Silver only, the price listed above is per member per month.
3 Applicable to all plans (Except Basic Bronze).
4 The minimum payment (co-payment) per visit is HK$30. If the cost does not exceed the benefit limit, the full amount will be reimbursed in addition to the HK$30 co-payment. For detailed benefit limits, please refer to Policy Terms & Conditions.

How Bowtie helps Start-ups & SMEs?

Sarah Tong
“The group medical benefit coverage includes Chinese medicine, which the protection is very in trend. Our teammates love it. Also, the fast and fuzz-free reimbursement saves us from a lot of admin work and we can go paperless.”
Anthony So
“The group medical plan is affordable to start-ups with wide benefit coverage. Also, the digital platform is impressive in that we can be self-served for onboarding and reimbursement. This greatly reduced hassle and we can put more resources into investing in employee retention and company competitiveness.”

Go digital and free up your time

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Answer a few simple questions
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Will there be any adjustment on the premium?

The premium of our plans is subject to less fluctuation across years. It’s because package plans have a bigger pooling effect—shared by more company groups—and the overall claims experience is more stable. Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan is a package plan, and the adjustment on the premium is smaller when compared to tailor-made plans. 

In contrast, the renewal premium of tailor-made plans could be highly volatile as it’s determined by the claim ratio of SMEs. The higher the claim ratio, the higher the renewal premium. This hinders the cost control of SMEs. 

In short, package plans are better for SMEs that are cost-conscious.

If there’s any change in the member list, a premium adjustment will be paid by (or refunded to) you to reflect such a change by the end of each policy year.

What is Member Exclusive Price?

Member Exclusive Price is a special price that the Insured Person can enjoy for outpatient and dental services under the BowtieGo medical network.

Member Exclusive Price varies by practitioners and is subject to change from time to time. Please refer to the customer portal for the latest information.

Does Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan cover outpatient benefits of seeing specialists and general practitioners?

The consultation costs of specialists and general practitioners are covered by Pro Bronze, Pro Silver, and Pro Gold only. Moreover, the Insured Person from all plans can seek specialists and general practitioners consultation with Member Exclusive Price under the BowtieGo medical network.

What dental benefits are covered by Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan?

Dental benefits are applicable to Pro Bronze, Pro Silver, and Pro Gold only. Dental benefits include oral examinations, scaling and polishing, accidental denture treatment, extraction and filling, and dental X-ray.

Besides, the Insured Person from all plans can enjoy oral examinations, scaling, and polishing services with Member Exclusive Price under the BowtieGo medical network.

Does Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan provide pregnancy coverage to employees?

Diagnostic of pregnancy or resulting childbirth, abortion, miscarriage, or any complications from the above are excluded in the policy coverage. However, the Insured Person can access obstetrics and gynecology specialist consultation services at Bowtie’s Member Exclusive Price.

Can the employees' dependents join Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan as well?

To provide more holistic medical protection to the employees, employers can enroll in the Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan for the spouse and kids of their employees. Even for parents (applicable to Basic Bronze only).

Do inpatient benefits cover pre-existing conditions?

Our policies define ‘pre-existing conditions’ as any injury, illness, condition, or symptom presented prior to the commencement of the policy whether or not it is congenital or acquired, and whether or not the condition has been diagnosed. If an employee is insured under Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan for more than one year, his/her ‘pre-existing conditions’ will be covered.

Is there any lower limit for the number of employees?

Apart from Basic Bronze, there must be at least 3 employees for the eligible application of Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan.

Is there any underwriting (i.e. health declaration) required?

You do not need to go through an underwriting process when purchasing this Bowtie product.

Customers should purchase a plan according to their company’s needs or actual conditions.
The above is for reference only, please refer to the policy provisions for the detailed terms and conditions. Bowtie Corp Medical Insurance Plan is underwritten by Bowtie and is intended only for sale in Hong Kong.