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Innovate the way of eyecare by taking comprehensive
eye examinations regularly.

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Innovate eyecare by preventive healthcare

Traditional group medical insurance often overlooks the need for eyecare. As a non-insurance product, BowtieVision advocates preventive healthcare by taking eye examinations regularly for early detection of eye disorders and symptoms caused by chronic diseases.

Digitalise management to reduce administrative cost

Simplify the application process with a one-stop online management platform. The platform reduces HR workload and administrative costs by allowing employees to login to search for their plan details or seek Bowtie staff for assistance. 

Set a new norm with innovative healthcare 

In western countries, a comprehensive eye examination has long been viewed as a basic staff fringe benefit. Bowtie encourages enterprises to protect employees’ health timely by having this area covered. The beneficiaries of the plan extend from employees to their spouses, children and parents. 


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Members of BowtieVision are entitled to comprehensive eye examination provided by OPTICAL 88 which includes detailed reports explained and followed up by experts. Members also enjoy special offers when purchasing glasses at all physical stores of OPTICAL 88.

Plan details

If you are interested in our plan, please contact us for a customisable enterprise plan.

Plan details

Comprehensive eye examination
Items included+

Detailed report

Discount on lenses1
Single vision lenses2progressive lenses2

Discount on frames 1

Discount on contact lens1
Choose a discount either on contact lenses or frames/lenses

Contact lenses fitting

vision plan - standard

Standard plan

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The plan does not cover lenses, but offers 20% off on purchasing lenses


The plan does not cover frames, but offers 20% off on purchasing frames


The plan does not cover contact lenses, but offers 10% off on purchasing contact lenses3


vision plan - plus

Premium plan

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Covers up to HKD640 for a pair of Single vision lenses or HKD1200 for a pair of progressive lenses
(20% off on amount exceeded)


Covers up to HKD1100 on frames (20% off on amount exceeded)


HKD900 discount on contact lenses (10% off on amount exceeded)


Covers contact lens fitting service (an additional HKD150 will be charged if no contact lens products are purchased)

1. Choose a discount either on contact lenses or frames/lenses. For the exceeding amount, 20% off on purchasing glasses and 10% off on purchasing contact lenses.
2. The plan covers a pair of designated lenses with a refractive index of 1.56. All costs incurred by upgrading the lenses are treated as the exceeding amount.
3. When a member purchases contact lenses, there is a complimentary contact lens fitting service.

Use the plan in 3 steps

Reserve by phone

Call OPTICAL 88 Eye Examination Centre to reserve a comprehensive eye examination. Please state your membership of BowtieVision.

number 2

Verify your identity

OPTICAL 88 will verify your identity and schedule an examination date with your service code.

number 3

Show QR code

Upon arriving at the designated Eye Examination Centre, show your service code or QR code for identity verification and registration.

With 80% of Hong Kong adults being short-sighted, which is the highest in the world. Along with the percentage of children aged six being short-sighted, which is the highest among European and Asian regions4。It is worrying to see Hong Kong lacks preventive eyecare since working and learning-from-home have become the new norm.

What is a comprehensive eye examination?

Do you know your eyes are the only parts that blood vessels can be clearly seen? An annual eye examination is conducted by registered optometrists which assesses your eyesight as well as detecting symptoms of underlying health issues. Via these eye examinations, Bowtie hopes to fully safeguard your ability to see.

Refraction test

  • Commonly known as the “eye check service” when getting glasses
  • Finds out the right optical glasses for improving eyesight
  • Can be conducted in common retail optical shops
  • Takes only about 10 to 15 minutes
vision type

Comprehensive eye examination

  • Assesses the health of your eyes and the risk of developing eye disorders
  • Identifies and prevents underlying health issues that could cause blindness
  • Has to be conducted in professional eyecare centres or eye clinics
  • Takes about 45 minutes
Comparison between 2 tests
close ban
Common eye disorder
Refraction test 
Comprehensive eye examination
Colour vision deficiency
Symptoms of diabetes*
Symptoms of high blood pressure*
Symptoms of high cholesterol*
Impacts on lifestyle (such as driving at night, outdoor activities and using gadgets)
* Symptoms shown in retina by this disorder
The information above is provided by OPTICAL 88 and is for reference only. Bowtie is not responsible for any usage or misuse of the above information and content, nor any loss or damage arising from relying on the above information and content.

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Terms and conditions

BowtieVision is a non-insurance eyecare plan managed by Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited.
Please read the terms and conditions of BowtieVision eyecare plan.

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As technology advances, I believe the market needs a new force that brings basic health protection to the Hong Kong public.

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4. Information source:The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society: 2019 Survey on Hong Kong Children Ophthalmology Scheme.

^Bowtie customer hotline 3008 8123 operates from 9am to 7pm (Monday to Friday), and from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.