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Get cancer treatment protection for only $2 a day(1)

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Extensive coverage of cancer treatment with $0 deductible(3) 

Includes full coverage for all levels of malignant cancer and carcinoma in situ, from diagnosis and monitoring to surgery, treatment and medication expenses (including targeted therapy and immunotherapy) with customers not needing to pay any deductibles(3).

Lower premiums thanks to technology & reduced operational costs

Bowtie Cancer Fighter premium rates are lower than other major insurance providers' cancer insurance plans(4) because we leverage technology to greatly reduce operational costs and pass on savings to our customers.

Why you need cancer protection Cancer Fighter


No. 1 killer in Hong Kong

Over 30% of deaths in Hong Kong are caused by cancer(5). The top five fatal cancers are lung cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer(5).


1 in 5 give up treatment due to medical costs

Nearly 20% of cancer patients give up treatment because they could no longer afford it. For instance, targeted therapy for lung cancer amounts to as high as $50,000 monthly(7) while full treatment for colon cancer at private hospitals costs $1.3 million(6).


Waitlist for treatment at public hospitals could take up to 2 years

Prolonged waiting time for treatments could lead to poorer health outcomes. The waiting time for treatment at public hospitals ranges from several weeks to over 2 years(8)

Bowtie Cancer Fighter
product features


$1,000,000 protection for every 3 years

In the unfortunate event of cancer diagnosis, $1 million benefit for cancer treatment is immediately activated, which is enough to cover the cost of treatment for most cancer cases within 3 years. And every 3 years thereafter, the $1 million benefit is replenished to provide protection against cancer recurrence or diagnosis of other cancers until the benefit reaches policy's lifetime coverage limit.

Three benefit limit options for different levels of protection

Choose from $1/$2/$3 million lifetime benefit options for protection for the entire cancer treatment journey until 5 years after final treatment, recurrence and diagnosis of other cancers.

Benefit Schedule


Medical Services Incurred from Covered Cancer(s) — payable for the actual expenses for necessary Medical Services which are incurred from Covered Cancer(s).

Area Cover


Claim Method

1. We will reimburse the actual medical expenses arising from Covered Cancer(s) according to the benefit items and limits listed in the table below.
2. Same Eligible Expenses item will only be reimbursable under one benefit item.
3. If the Insured is entitled to a refund of all or part of such expenses from other source(s), we will only be liable for an amount in excess of the amount recovered from such other source(s).

Waiting Period

90 days — Any Cancer occurring during the first 90 days after Policy Effective Date is not covered.

Benefit Limit

Cancer Fighter 100  

Lifetime Limit

Cancer Fighter 200

$1,000,000 for the first 3 years from the date of Diagnosis of the first Covered Cancer
Lifetime Limit

Cancer Fighter 300

$1,000,000 for the first 3 years from the date of Diagnosis of the first Covered Cancer
Lifetime Limit

Compassionate Death Benefit


Benefit Item
Benefit Items & Their Limits (if any)


Bowtie Fully Covers
(a) Diagnostic Tests (if a Covered Cancer is found)

Including but not limited to Laboratory tests, Imaging (X-Ray / Ultrasound / CT / MRI / PET Scans), fine needle aspiration (cytology or histopathology), and excisional biopsy (histopathology).


Bowtie Offers Conditional Full Coverage on
(b) Room and board
(c) Attending doctor's visit fees
(d) Specialist's fees
(e) Intensive care
(f) Confinement miscellaneous charges
(g) Surgeon's fees
(h) Anaesthetist's fees
(i) Operating theatre charges

With the following conditions:
- Semi-private Room (or below): Full Coverage
- Standard Private Room: 50% of Eligible Expenses
- Above Standard Private Room: 25% of Eligible Expenses


Bowtie Fully Covers
(j) Active Treatments

including but not limited to Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Hormonal Therapy & Immunotherapy.


Bowtie Fully Covers
(k) Medications

including but not limited to Anti-nausea drugs, Anti-rejection drugs and Anti-vertigo drugs.

Treatment / Terminal Cancer

Bowtie Fully Covers
(l) Monitoring

The charges to monitor the response to treatment, or progress of recovery and follow-up evaluations including:
- Consultation fees
- Laboratory tests
- Imaging procedures
- Screening tests

Treatment / Terminal Cancer/ Recovery

Bowtie Fully Covers
(m) Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery of the head and/or breast due to a Covered Cancer.


Bowtie Fully Covers
(n) Palliative Treatments

Outpatient consultation and treatment with the aim of relieving pain or reducing signs and symptoms of a Covered Cancer.

Terminal Cancer

Bowtie Covers
(o) Chinese Medicine Practitioner Consultation, Acupuncture Treatment and Chinese Medicine
(p) Dietician Consultation
(q) Physiotherapy
(r) Occupational Therapy
(s) Speech Therapy
(t) Psychological Counselling and Medication
(u) Home Nursing— Maximum 1 Qualified Nurse during any given time slot.
subject to the following limits:
- 45 visits in total
- $750 per visit
- 1 visit for each of the above items per day

and offer $10,000 for:
(v) Compassionate Death Benefit


More product deatils
Issue Age (1)

15 days to age 65

Benefit Term (2)

Lifelong - yearly guaranteed renewal



The information above is for reference only, for more details please go to
1. Product terms & conditions(Cancer-100/Cancer-200/Cancer-300)

Items (a)-(i) have restricted conditions
Items (o) - (u) have a compensation limit

  1. Treatment without definite Diagnosis of a Covered Cancer
  2. General check-ups
  3. Vaccines
  4. Unproven procedures
  5. Tests for genetic predispositions
  6. Pre-existing or congenital conditions
  7. HIV and AIDS
  8. Already reimbursed
  9. Drugs and illegal activities
  10. Medications and supplements that were not prescribed

Listed items are for reference only, for all details and terms & conditions:Key Product Risks and Exclusion

Key Product Risks
  1. Change of Residency - You must immediately notify us of when the policy is in effect any change of residency to a city/country outside of Hong Kong, that is proposed to last permanently or for 183 consecutive days or more. Upon notification, we will terminate the policy immediately and will refund premium(s) paid for the period in which no cover will be in place without interest.
  2. Termination - This policy will be terminated on the earliest of the followings –

    a. The death of the Insured Person;
    b. Non-payment of premiums after 31 days from the premium due date;
    c. The date the total amount paid for benefits under the policy reaches the Lifetime Benefit Limit.

    Termination of this plan shall not affect any claim arising prior to such termination unless otherwise stated. Any premium paid after the termination of this plan shall not create any liability upon us but we will refund any such premium.

  3. Product Features Revision - We reserve the right to revise the terms and benefits upon policy renewal by giving 30 days’ advance notice.
  4. Premium Adjustment Risk - Standard premium rates are not guaranteed and are subject to change based on our emerging experience in relation to claims, persistency and expenses, medical cost inflation and any change in the benefit structure. Therefore, renewal premiums may be higher or lower than the premium currently reflected.
  5. Credit and Solvency Risk - The payment of benefits under this plan is subject to Bowtie’s credit risk and solvency. In the event of Bowtie’s insolvency, you may lose the coverage stipulated in this plan in addition to any premiums you have paid.
  6. Inflation Risk - Due to inflation, the costs of medical diagnoses and treatments may rise and the amount of benefit payable may become insufficient to meet your future medical needs even if our full contractual obligations are met. You are advised to consider the likely impact of future medical cost inflation when choosing a plan

    Where permitted under the relevant regulations, benefit amounts and/or standard premium rates of this plan may be revised by us from time to time to reflect the impact of medical inflation.

Listed items are for reference only, for all details and terms & conditions:Key Product Risks and Exclusion