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Bowtie is

Hong Kong’s First Virtual Insurer

Bowtie was granted Hong Kong's very first virtual insurance company license in December 2018. Virtual Insurers need to meet the same high standards that customers and regulators expect of traditional insurers, but have technology rebuilt for the modern age to provide a refreshingly convenient experience. As a truly "made in Hong Kong" insurance brand, Bowtie is here to reinvent insurance.

What we offer

Zero Commission.
Real Protection

By eliminating paper and commissions, Bowtie's mission is to enable a new generation of people to access real insurance. Our online platform lets customers get protection fairly, transparently and quickly. We will be offering commission-free health insurance as well as other fundamentally good insurance protection coverages. Our philosophy is that the simplest fitting coverage is the best for our clients.

Why trustBowtie?

Bowtie's team comprises a passionate group of insurance professionals who left their comfortable careers to join the mission, as well as engineering and design outsiders who saw the same problem. Technology is core to our identity, but we also believe that humans are key to the equation. Customer service is our lifeblood — we work in life and health insurance where events are no joking matter. We are backed with over HK$200 millions from Sun Life and further supported by the Hong Kong X Technology Fund and Cyberport.

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