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Bowtie raised HK$234 million from Series A round, and is a life insurance company authorised by Hong Kong's Insurance Authority.

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Over 90% of customers who sought Customer Service assistance were happy with their experience

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Bowtie's core systems including policy services, underwriting and claims, all operate on the cloud to ensure the highest level of data security and stability.

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Bowtie’s core application systems have undergone a series of rigorous network security testing by Wizlynx Cyber Security Limited, which greatly reduces the customer data leakage risk induced by cyber-attack, those core applications have passed the standard security testing, Bowtie's customers can use our services with confidence that custom’s data is properly stored and protected.

^The service hours of Bowtie customer service hotline 3008 8123 are Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.
1 Bowtie’s Cancer Fighter Insurance Plan covers all levels of malignant and carcinoma in situ, except for precancerous lesions, CIN I or CIN II abnormalities of the cervix, or all cancers that coexist with HIV infection.
2 Applicable to admissions to Semi-Private wards or tiers below. There is no restriction on the class of hospital room in which the insured person can be admitted to, however, an Adjustment Factor will be applied to the calculation of the hospital benefit, depending on the inpatient ward tier. Please refer to the benefit table for details.