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We started accepting change of residency requests without policy termination to all Bowtie individual insurance plans in any countries/ regions except for those subject to sanction restrictions. Please refer to the following blog post for more details. If there are any enquiries,  please contact our customer service team at 3008-8123.

Comprehensive Accident Medical Protection

Bowtie Accident Insurance covers medical expenses for injuries incurred from accidents, no matter how major or minor they are.

Minor Accidents

Outpatient (wound cleansing, stitches, etc.), Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Chinese bone-setting treatments

Major Accidents

MRI scans, Inpatient treatments, Surgery fees and up to $420k annual medical protection

Covers 700+ occupations

Including Sports coaches, Disciplinary force, Professional drivers and more

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Who should buy accident insurance?

Families with children

Accidents are common among children and they are more prone to falls, burns, impacts, animal bites and more. Bowtie Accident Insurance can provide protection for your children from age 2 and up.

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People in high-risk professions

Unlike traditional accident insurance that typically reject high-risk professions, Bowtie Accident Insurance covers 700+ occupations and even offers protection for medical expenses that result from accidents at work.

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Athletes and sports enthusiasts

People who play ball games, go hiking, running, cycling or play sports are more prone to injuries caused by accidents. From abrasions or sprains to fractures and joint injuries, Bowtie Accident Insurance will cover your medical expenses with up to $420k benefit limit.

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Plan Details


Treatment due to injury or accident
Payable for the actual expenses for Medically Necessary treatments which are incurred within 12 month of the date of the Accident. Medical treatments covered include:

- Physiotherapy, chiropractic and Chinese bone-setting treatments (as Outpatient)
- Outpatient treatments; and
- Inpatient treatments and Day Case Procedures, with benefit cateogires similar to hospital indemnity insurance plans


Exception: Psychiatric treatment in Hong Kong only

Claim method

We will reimburse the expenses incurred up to the benefit limit according to the benefit items listed in the table

Same Eligible Expenses item will only be reimbursable under one benefit item

If the Insured Person is entitled to a reimbursement of all or part of such expenses from other sources, we will only be liable for an amount recovered from such other sources

Benefit limit

Limit 1: Each benefit item has individual benefit limit as listed in the table below
Limit 2: HK $420,000 per Policy Year

Benefit Summary

Benefit Item

Benefit limit (in HKD)

(a) Physiotherapy, chiropractic and Chinese bone-setting treatments

⚠️ include charges on the treatments respectively performed by a Registered Physiotherapist, a Registered Chiropractor and a Registered Chinese Bonesetter

For Injuries that involve bone fracture:
- 6 visits per Accident causing the injury
- $500 per visit
- 1 visit per day

For Injuries that involve no bone fracture:
- 4 visits per Accident causing injury
- $250 per visit
- 1 visit per day

8 visits per Policy Year (including visits for either of the above two types of Injuries)

(b) Outpatient treatments

⚠️ include charges on:
(i) consultation and medication by a Registered Medical Practitioner (excluding psychiatric treatment); and
(ii) diagnostic X-ray and ultrasound

$5,000 per Policy Year
- Consultation and Medication: $580 per visit

(c) Room and Board

$750 per day; 180 days per Policy Year

(d) Attending doctor's visit fees

$750 per day;180 days per Policy Year

(e) Intensive care

$3,500 per day;25 days per Policy Year

(f) Confinement miscellaneous charges

$14,000 per Policy Year

(g) Specialist's fees

$4,300 per Policy Year

(h) Surgeon's fees

Per surgery, subject to the surgical category in the Schedule of Surgical procedures:
- Complex - $50,000 per Surgery
- Major - $25,000 per Surgery
- Intermediate - $12,500 per Surgery
- Minor - $5,000 per Surgery

(i) Anaesthetist's fees

35% of Surgeon’s fee payable – If the benefit payable under Surgeon’s fee is $10,000, the maximum Anaesthetist’s fee to be reimbursed will be: $10,000 × 35% = $3,500

(j) Operating theatre charges

35% of Surgeon’s fee payable – If the benefit payable under Surgeon’s fee is $10,000, the maximum operating theatre charges to be reimbursed will be: $10,000 × 35% = $3,500

(k) Prescribed Diagnostic Imaging Tests

include: (i) computed tomography (“CT” scan); (ii) magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI” scan); (iii) positron emission tomography (“PET” scan); (iv) PET-CT combined; and (v) PET-MRI combined

Subject to Your Contribution of 30% of the charges If you had a PET-MRI scan which cost $15,000, Your Contribution will be: $15,000 × 30% = $4,500; The maximum charge to be reimbursed will be: $15,000 × 70% = $10,500 o $20,000 per Policy Year If you had a second PET-MRI scan within the same Policy Year which again cost $15,000, the maximum reimbursement will be up to the remaining Policy Year benefit limit: $20,000 – $10,500 = $9,500

(l) Psychiatric treatments

include charges on the psychiatric treatments during Confinement in Hong Kong as recommended by a Specialist

$30,000 per Policy Year

(m) Compassionate death benefit


For further information, please refer to the documents below.

Policy Exclusions
  1. Infection with any Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and/or any HIV-related illness including AIDS and/or any mutations, derivations or variations thereof (except infection which directly results from an accidental cut or wound). Any illness, disease, ptomaines or infection (except infection which directly results from accidental cut or wound)
  2. Any Pre-existing Condition(s)
  3. Hazardous activities: engaging in:
    (a) winter sports, or 
    (b) racing on wheels (except cycling) or on horse, or 
    (c) underwater activities involving the use of breathing apparatus, or
    (d) rock climbing, mountaineering (which requires the use of ropes or guides), or
    (e) football or rugby football, or
    (f) ice hockey, or
    (g) aerial flights other than fare-paying passenger on a licensed carrying commercial aircraft operating in a regular scheduled route or
    (h) any other hazardous activities or sports
  4. Professional Sports
  5. Pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, childbirth or any other complications
  6. Accidents arising from or consequential upon the dependence, overdose or influence of drugs, alcohol
  7. Treatment of any Injury for which expenses have been reimbursed under any law, or medical program or insurance policy provided by any government, company or other third party.

Items listed are for reference only. Please refer to the below attached document for details.

Key Risks
  1. Premium Adjust Risk - Standard premium rates are not guaranteed and are subject to change based on the emerging experience of Bowtie in relation to claims, persistency and expenses, medical cost inflation and any change in the benefit structure. Therefore, renewal premiums may be higher or lower than the premium currently reflected.
  2. Products Features Revision - Bowtie reserves the right to revise the terms and benefits upon policy renewal by giving 30 days’ advance written notice.  
  3. Cancellation - We reserve the absolute right to cancel this plan at any time by giving you prior notice of at least 30 days  by electronic means. The unearned portion of the premium at the time of termination shall be refunded to you.

Items listed for reference only. Please refer to the below attached document for details.

Important Product Information

Product Category
Accident Medical Reimbursement Plan – Reimbursement for medical expenses incurred within 12 months due to an accident
Issue Age
age 2 – age 55
Period of Cover
1 year – Annual renewal up to age 60 (non-guaranteed)
Waiting Period
  • Upon renewal, there shall be no re-underwriting. No additional rate of premium loading or case-based exclusions shall be imposed by reason of any change in the Insured Person's health conditions.
  • If the Insured Person changes to a more hazardous occupation, the corresponding premium rate for such more hazardous occupation will be applied.
  • Upon renewal, we reserve the right to revise Policy Terms and Conditions, including the prevailing standard premium schedule.
Cooling-off Period
21 days
Within the cooling-off period, you may cancel the Plan and receive a full refund of premium
Policy Cancellation
You may request cancellation of the Plan by giving at least 30 days prior notice.
Tax Deduction
The information on the page is for reference only, please refer to the full and detailed Policy Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit to individual accident insurance?

Like most accident insurance on the market, Bowtie Touchwood Protector also has an age limit. Anyone from age 2 to 55 is welcome to apply for this plan.

What protection does Bowtie Touchwood Protector provide?

Bowtie Touchwood Protector provides protection for medical expenses for injuries that result from accidents. In the event of an accident and you require medical treatments, you can claim the medical expenses in the form of reimbursement.

Does Bowtie Touchwood Protector have any occupation restrictions?

Bowtie Touchwood Protector covers 700+ occupations and the acceptance of your application is determined based on your profession. If there is change to your occupation after the policy is effective, you must notify us immediately.

Is the geographic coverage area restricted to Hong Kong only?

Unlike other accident insurance plans that have geographic restrictions, Bowtie Touchwood Protector coverage is worldwide with the exception of psychiatric treatment.

Do all accident insurance offer inpatient medical protection?

There are various types of accident insurance. Some offer accidental death benefit or permanent disability benefit only. Some provide inpatient and other medical treatment protection. Bowtie Accident Insurance covers any medical expenses that result from accidents, including hospitalization, outpatient treatment, Chinese bone-setting, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment. For details of the benefit limit, refer to the Benefit Schedule and Policy Terms and Conditions.

How is the premium determined?

Premium is determined based on your age, gender and occupation.

If the insured person suffers injury from long-term strain, are the medical expenses covered by accident insurance?

No. Since the injuries from long-term strain are not directly caused by accidents, they are not covered.

Does Bowtie Touchwood Protector provide coverage overseas?

The plan provides worldwide coverage. But both the Policyholder and the Insured Persons must reside in Hong Kong at the time of application. The coverage shall remain effective whether the Insured Persons plan to reside overseas temporarily or permanently. (except for places of residence affected by sanctions or war).

An extra loading might be applied to reflect the higher risks of the relocated countries. If you do not accept the premium adjustment, you can choose not to renew your policy. If the Insured Persons go out of town for travel, studying abroad or work temporarily, No extra premium loading will be applied to policies.

The Policyholder and the Insured Persons should contact Bowtie for any address/location updates. For any enquiries, please contact our customer service team at 3008-8123.

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