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Bowtie VHIS

Monthly premium for a family of three only $3771

Limited time family offer:
Earn $4,000 BowtieCash per person
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5 Key Features

Zero commission. No insurance intermediary.

Online application and underwriting greatly reduces our operating costs so the savings are passed on to our customers. A family of three can save up to 40% on premiums.

VHIS Standard Plans premiums comparison
Based on information from the Food and Health Bureau as of December 2, 2020. For reference only.

Annual tax deductions3

VHIS premiums are eligible for tax deduction. According to this example, if a family of three purchases Bowtie VHIS Standard Plan, they can save HK$729 in taxes in one year.

Monthly premiums shown in the chart are based on non-smokers of the listed ages and gender who are insured with Bowtie VHIS Standard Plan.
No lifetime
benefit limit

Standardized premium terms. Benefit limit resets every year.

VHIS is certified by the Food and Health Bureau. Premium terms are transparent and the prices are easily comparable on the Food and Health Bureau website.

Bowtie VHIS Standard and Flexi Plans cover up to HK$420k and HK$1 million respectively per year. Don’t need to worry even if you use up the benefits this year, because the limit will reset the next year and there is no lifetime benefit limit.4
Save 50% on
consultation fees

Exclusive 50% discount on outpatient consultation fees5

Free BowtieGo membership with purchase of VHIS. Up to 50% off medical network outpatient consultation for Western and Chinese medicine.

Earn BowtieCash upon successful purchase6

$1 BowtieCash = HK$1 eligible medical cost payment
The more you earn, the less you pay.
Example: Claim 100% for CT Scan
Lowest Premiums
in Hong Kong
Family offer

Apply as a family and earn more BowtieCash

per person
on successful purchase for 2 or more people
per person
on successful purchase for 1 person
3 Easy Steps to Redeem Family Offer
Apply to Bowtie VHIS Plans for yourself or eligible family members
Mr. Chan successfully applied for Bowtie VHIS using promo code FAMILY2022 and earns $2,000 BowtieCash.
All applications must use the same promo code FAMILY2022 and have the same policyholder
Mr. Chan successfully applied for Bowtie VHIS for his daughter using the same promo code and his daughter earns $2,000 BowtieCash.
Successful application of 2 or more Bowtie VHIS policies
Both Mr. Chan and his daughter's policies earn $2,000 BowtieCash each, a total of $4,000 BowtieCash.
Offer is subject to terms and conditions. Eligible family members: the insured person in the application must be the insured person him or herself, his or her spouse and children, or the parents, grandparents or siblings.

No Medical Exams Needed
Online Application Done in 10 minutes

95% underwriting questions are multiple choice
Fill in policyholder and insured person's information
Upload ID
Provide credit card details
Instant protection upon policy acceptance
How to apply

Just one click to see our premiums

Why do you all choose Bowtie?

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Oops! 此表格發生錯誤,請聯絡我們的客戶服務中心。
Customers should choose insurance products according to their personal or actual needs.

1. Bowtie VHIS Standard monthly premium $377 is based on a family of three with a 30-year-old non-smoking female and male and 2-year-old daughter.
3. In the 2019/20 tax year, the standard tax rate is 15% and the marginal tax rate is 2%, 6%, 10%, 14% and 17%. Source: Food and Health Bureau (as of March 4, 2021). Assuming the policyholder is a taxpayer. The above content is for reference only. If you need any tax advice, please consult your tax advisor. You can also browse the Food and Health Bureau website for more information on tax deductions.
4. The above is for reference only. For detailed product terms and conditions, please refer to the policy.
5. Outpatient services are provided by BowtieGo, the actual fees vary depending on the doctor and actual medical needs. BowtieGo, a healthy lifestyle membership plan managed by Bowtie Life Insurance Co., Ltd., is a supplementary feature of Bowtie VHIS and its outpatient service is not an insurance product.
6. BowtieCash allows you to pay for eligible medical costs that exceed Bowtie VHIS Plans coverage and is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the campaign rules of the BowtieCash Program.