Bowtie Story
Bowtie Story

Bowtie Content Creation and Editorial Guidelines

Author Bowtie Team
Date 2022-09-22
Updated on 2022-09-23
1. Professionalism2. Authority3. Credibility4. Accuracy

1. Professionalism

In the pursuit of professionalism, Bowtie has invited experts from all walks of life to participate in the writing of our articles such that they can provide insightful discussions of each medical, health or insurance related topic from a professional perspective and offer perceptive solutions to various common concerns. For instance, if Bowtie wishes to produce physiotherapy related content, physiotherapists will be consulted during the writing process or even invited to be the author of the article, as well as provide relevant photos or videos to ensure that our content remains highly professional. 

Experts writing for Bowtie include:

  • Specialists: psychiatrists, oncologists, gynecologists, ENT specialists, dentists, etc.
  • Other medical specialists: Chinese medicine practitioners, nutritionists, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists
  • Financial experts: certified financial planners (CFP), financial risk managers (FRM), actuaries, financial columnists

2. Authority

Experts who write or review articles for Bowtie all have worked for around 5 to 10 years in their respective field. The team is composed of senior Western medicine practitioners, actuaries, nutritionists, financial planners, insurance practitioners and other authoritative experts, etc. Some authors have even published well-known books, written columns in the news media or been interviewed before. Our team of experts share relevant experience and unique insights with readers using their wealth of knowledge. 

3. Credibility

All materials cited in Bowtie’s articles have been reviewed repeatedly. During the writing process, we adhere to strict criteria for reviewing data sources, referencing only official government websites, public organizations, authoritative news and information platforms, academic journals, books and research reports, etc., to ensure high credibility. At the end of each article, we list all data sources in great detail so that readers can have further access to the relevant information. 

During the writing process, the Bowtie team takes a third-person perspective, remains objective to reduce bias, avoids taking any position, and strives to provide credible content. 

4. Accuracy

At least one editor from the Bowtie team conducts fact checking, editing and proofreading before publishing an article. Our editorial team also regularly updates the content of our articles to provide readers with the latest information. 


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