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St. Teresa’s Hospital is a well-established private general hospital in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Currently, it has around 1000 beds, highly qualified personnel, and the latest medical facilities. The Hospital is committed to providing quality medical services to the general public.
Basic Info
Tel 2200 3434
Address 327 Prince Edward Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong Map
  • Public Minibuses: 2, 17M, 25M, 46, 70
  • Public Buses: 1, 1A, 24, 27, 95, 113, N216, 6D, 12A, 42, 7B, 113, 2A, 9, 13D, 16, 95, 98C, 203E, 296C
  • East Rail Line
Visit Time 9:00 a.m.- 21:00 p.m. daily
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Covid test requirement for patients

All visitors and patients would be taken temperature before entering the hospital. If there is evidence suggesting that patients or visitors are having COVID-19 Disease, he/she will be transferred to a HA hospital immediately. St. Teresa’s Hospital will not admit COVID-19 Disease patients.

Covid test requirement for visitors

All visitors must provide a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test result obtained on the same day (with date labeling) before the visit (photo or screen capture will not be accepted). This measure is applicable to visitors of in-patients, all people visiting their Out-Patient Department before consultation or treatment (including minor surgery, blood taking, X-ray, or scanning service), except for people returning deep throat saliva specimens or collecting drugs.

No visiting is allowed for visitors with symptoms such as respiratory symptoms, fever, diarrhea, etc. No visiting is allowed either for visitors who have recently been in contact with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 cases. For pregnant women (except those admitted for delivery) and children under 18 years old, they should not visit patients in the hospital. There should not be more than one visitor per visit.

Services overview

St. Teresa’s Hospital provides inpatient services, as well as both general and specialist outpatient services. Paediatrics, cardiology, critical care medicine, neurology and E.N.T. specialists, among others, are available at their specialist outpatient clinics. This hospital also provides cancer, diagnostic and obstetrics services.


Different bed classes are available, including premium suites, private rooms, semi-private rooms, beds of the general class, and fully subsidized geriatric beds. For premium suites, private rooms, semi-private rooms, and beds of the general class, admission must be made through the patient’s attending doctor or a doctor of the Hospital’s Out-Patient Department. For fully subsidized geriatric beds, admission must be arranged through a social worker.


The Out-Patient Department (OPD) is located on the ground floor and next to Teresa’s Garden, with entrances located in the lobby of East Wing (Day Outpatient) and South Wing (Night Outpatient). It provides 24-hour service and is comprised of 35 consultation rooms, 1 treatment room, and 1 cohort room. The department provides both General and Specialist Outpatient services.

Opening Time

General outpatient consultations are available 24/7. Service hours for specialist outpatient consultations vary according to the specialty. Patients may call 2200 3108 24 hours a day for inquiries or 2200 3102 (from 8:00 to 20:00) for advance booking. All specialist consultations are by appointment only.

Mondays – Saturdays8:00 – 19:59HK$180
20:00 – 7:59HK$330
Sundays & Public Holidays8:00 – 19:59HK$250
20:00 – 7:59HK$370

Room rate

Inpatient beds range from premium suites, private rooms, semi-private rooms, and beds of the general class to fully subsidized geriatric beds. There is also a paediatric ward for children.

Wards for Adult Patients

Level of ward Day Rate Deposit 
Standard Ward (8-11 Bedded)HK$560 – 680HK$10,000
Standard Ward (5-7 Bedded)HK$600 – 680HK$10,000
Standard Ward (3-4 Bedded)HK$680 – 750HK$10,000
Standard Semi-Private HK$850 – 1,030HK$20,000
Semi-Private SingleHK$1,600 HK$20,000
Private Room HK$1,900 – 3,900HK$30,000
Premium SuiteHK$10,800 – 14,800HK$60,000

Paediatric Ward

For the Paediatric Ward, the types of accommodation include Private Room, Single Room, Standard Semi-private Room, 3 Bedded Room, Cot, Incubator and Incubator with Phototherapy. Relatives who stay after 22:00 (whether they use a bed or not) are required to pay extra-bed charges. For Private Room, a maximum number of two companions are permitted; for other wards, only one companion is allowed. Companions for child patients aged 12 or below will not be charged for the extra bed (free for one companion only).

Level of ward Day Rate (HK$)Deposit (HK$)
Incubator with PhototherapyHK$1,700HK$10,000
3 Bedded RoomHK$730 – 780HK$10,000
Standard Semi-PrivateHK$1,030 – 1,130HK$20,000
Single Room HK$1,900 – 2,100HK$30,000
Private RoomHK$2,300 – 2,500HK$30,000

Common procedures and their price

Hong Kong and Expatriate Residents Delivery Packages 

Obstetrics Packages*Standard (six-bedded)Standard (three-bedded)Semi-private Room (two-bedded)Private Room
Vaginal Delivery (3 Days and 2 Nights)^HK$18,800HK$20,800HK$27,800HK$38,800
Caesarean Section (4 Days and 3 Nights)HK$22,300HK$25,300HK$33,800HK$46,800
  • *Not applicable to maternity patients from Mainland China
  • ^In the case of failure in trial of labor, the caesarean section package will automatically replace the vaginal delivery package plus an additional charge of $6,300 (or above).

Maternity Charges Table

Ante-natal talk (4 lessons)Provided free of charge to the intended mothers planning to deliver their babies at St. Teresa’s Hospital (Couples are welcome). Please refer to Antenatal Class leaflet for details.
Ante-natal exerciseAnte-natal exercise $760 (couple) (2 sessions)

Group instruction by Physiotherapist

Postnatal exercise$400 (1 session)

Individual instruction by Physiotherapist


  • The information above is extracted from St. Teresa’s Hospital’s website, updated in January 1, 2022.

Common Procedures

The statistical figures listed below are for reference only. All charges are subject to change in accordance with factors such as patient’s condition, case complexity and individual doctor’s charge incurred, etc.

Item Total Charges 
Breast Lump Excision HK$34,915 – 59,310
Cholecystectomy (Laparoscopic)HK$74,459 – 97,248
CircumcisionHK$24,498 – 31,598
Haemorrhoidectomy HK$33,119 – 47,237
Hysterectomy (Laparoscopic)HK$123,908 – 154,335
Ovarian Cystectomy (Laparoscopic) HK$78,048 – 98,679
Hernia Repair (Laparoscopic)HK$40,137 – 88,740


  • Information above, extracted from St. Teresa’s Hospital’s website, is based on historical bill size for common treatments/procedures for the year of 2020.


How to lessen the burden of medical expenses?

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1. How to search for doctors?

Patients may find the names of doctors and their respective medical specialties on St. Teresa’s Hospital’s website:

2. How to enjoy the shuttle bus service?

This hospital does not provide shuttle bus service.


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