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Bowtie Story

3 Most Memorable Customer Stories

As a virtual insurance company with no agents, Bowtie’s motto is “Here to help, never to sell”. How can we help you during the application and claim process? This time, we’ve invited some team members (Cherry / Mill / Roson) to share their service experiences and real-life cases with us.
Author Bowtie Team
Date 2022-07-25
Updated on 2023-07-14
Answering all 40+ questions from a customer!Answering all questions and helping you claim even without an agent?The Most Unforgettable Experience - A Two-Hour Conversation with a Customer in His 70s
Bowtie Customers Services Team and Senior Advisor John Tsang
Bowtie's CS team and Senior Consultant John Tsang are sharing interesting stories about their work.

Answering all 40+ questions from a customer!

Cherry: Each of us receives dozens of calls every day. In addition to telephone enquiries, customers contact us through various channels, such as email, WhatsApp, LiveChat, etc. For those who customers want to inquire about product details in person, they can make an appointment to meet us at Bow Coffee.

Customers ask a wide range of questions, some of which are memorable and significant. The most common questions are about insurance terminology and claims, such as, “What is a deductible?”, “What is co-insurance?”, “Whether a particular situation can be claimed,” “What’s the claim amount?” and so on. Some customers will describe their situation in detail and seek personalized advice from us, for instance, “I have Bowtie VHIS plan, what insurance shall I buy next?” and so on.

One of my more memorable experiences recently was receiving several calls from one individual customer within a week. He raised some questions about the details of Bowtie’s products based on his medical records, such as whether something constituted as an “unknown pre-existing condition,” how much he could claim in a hypothetical situation, etc. 

After a few calls in, the customer started to email us, sending over 40 follow-up questions based on his unique situation, which we answered in detail one by one. “Over 40 questions” may sound like a lot to some people, but since every customers’ understanding of insurance products is different, it is our responsibility to help customers understand our products more thoroughly and answer their inquiries or concerns. 

Therefore, whenever you ask a question, we’ll answer!

Bowtie Customers Service Team

Answering all questions and helping you claim even without an agent?

Mill: Here is an example – Earlier this year, we received a call from Ms. Chan (pseudonym) asking us about Bowtie’s accident insurance products. Ms. Chan, who loves sports, understands the importance of accident insurance. After canceling her previous accident insurance, she called Bowtie’s customer service directly following her friend’s recommendation.

Since it was not Ms. Chan’s first purchase of accident insurance, she asked in-depth questions, such as how the premium is calculated, the exclusions, the coverage area, etc. In order to make it easier for her to understand the content and details of the product, together, we went through the product page of Bowtie Touchwood Protector and explained to her the different terms and conditions one at a time. Miss Chan encountered some problems during the application process, however, we resolved the issues one by one and assisted her with completing the insurance application.

Bowtie Customers Service Team

Recently, Ms. Chan called the customer service hotline again. Unfortunately, she had been injured during exercise, and her ankle was severely swollen. She hoped to confirm the policy details with us before seeking medical treatment, such as whether Bowtie has a network of doctors, whether a past injury to the same body part will affect the claim, etc. 

About a week later, Ms. Chan called the customer service hotline to inquire about claims-related matters, such as how she could upload a doctor’s referral letter, the limit of each covered benefit, etc. After our step-by-step guidance and explanation of the claims process and the required documents, Ms. Chan successfully completed the claims procedure. She thought online self-service was more convenient than finding an agent to handle a claim!

Afterward, she even asked us about VHIS products. We believe that actions speak louder than words. Once customers have experienced our services, they will feel confident in our brand and further consider buying additional products for themselves and their families.

Bowtie Customers Service Team

The Most Unforgettable Experience - A Two-Hour Conversation with a Customer in His 70s

Roson: Speaking of one of my more unforgettable customer stories, it would have to be my interaction with a customer in his 70s!

One day, I received a special inquiry call. The caller was an elderly male in his 70s, Mr. Huang (pseudonym), who had a booming voice, gave me the feeling of someone in high spirits. He wanted to buy VHIS for his grandchildren who were studying at university. By chance, he had noticed the advertisement featuring John Tsang and became interested in our products. But he was confused about the concept of “virtual insurance” so he contacted us to ask us about the product details and the differences between various Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) products.

During our interaction, I guided Mr. Huang to turn on his mobile phone and introduced the pros and cons of the three VHIS plans one by one. I also explained to him the entire insurance concept, as well as the insurance application and claims process. Mr. Huang was not particularly adept at using the Internet. Fortunately, our website design is simple and easy to navigate. He was able to access the product details of different plans under my guidance. During the introduction, Mr. Huang asked about many insurance terms unfamiliar to laymen. Explaining these terms to customers is not easy, but it is exactly what we do. As a bridge between customers and the company, we as customer service personnel, need to do our best to make customers understand and recognize the value of our products.

Following our conversation, Mr. Huang decided to get insured immediately. While VHIS is our flagship product, we don’t want customers to make hasty decisions about applying for insurance. The most expensive medical insurance is not necessarily the best, and the “best” medical insurance is not necessarily the best product for the insured. Therefore, I encouraged him to look at more products and discuss with his family to choose the most suitable protection for his grandchildren. This might seem counterintuitive, but what I did was a testament to my confidence in Bowtie’s products and services, and I firmly believe that customers will choose us after careful deliberation. 

Although the phone call lasted for two hours, I was really happy that I could help old Mr. Huang understand insurance and Bowtie’s products, thus enabling him to choose the most suitable insurance product.

Bowtie Customers Service Team

Customer in his 70s – a sequel

A few days after the initial call, I received a follow-up call from Old Huang’s son. Believe it or not, he was calling to thank me. Young Mr. Huang was pleasantly surprised by Bowtie’s customer service after hearing what Old Huang had shared with him, which made him want to know more about Bowtie’s products and offers.

Young Mr. Huang thought it would be more convenient to manage policy-related matters by insuring the whole family through the same insurance company. Therefore, we introduced the family discount to him. In the end, he bought Bowtie’s VHIS for himself and his children. Mr. Huang also told me that his entire family had never purchased any insurance products prior. He was especially thankful to us for patiently explaining product details and insurance-related knowledge to his father.

When I received a special call from Mr. Huang to thank me, I was really touched! It is not hard to provide great customer service, you only need to have empathy and put yourself in the shoes of the customers: Imagine the caller is someone in your family, what advice would you give them and how would you give it to them?
Bowtie Customers Service Team

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