Cancer Insurance vs Medical Insurance


Cancer Insurance vs Medical Insurance

"Is it necessary to buy cancer insurance if I already have medical insurance?"

It’s true that more insurance doesn’t always mean better, but that doesn’t mean a medical insurance policy is enough for all situations. Before considering whether to purchase cancer insurance, it’s worth understanding the difference between cancer medical insurance and other insurance products with Bowtie.

Difference between Cancer Medical Insurance VS general Medical Insurance

Cancer Medical InsuranceGeneral Medical InsuranceVHIS
Waiting PeriodUsually has a 90-day waiting period, during which any symptoms or diagnosis of cancer will not be covered. Most plans have a waiting periodNo waiting period, coverage starts immediately after policy is in effect
CoverageCancer diagnosis and testing, hospitalization and outpatient cancer treatment, etc. Hospitalization for all injuries or illnesses and outpatient surgery, etc. 
Compensation MethodReimbursement of actual medical expenses
Benefit Limit
  • Usually calculated based on each instance of cancer, and different insurance companies have different definitions of “one instance of cancer.”
  • A few plans recalculate the limit every three years, such as Bowtie Cancer Medical Insurance – Cancer Fighter
Limited by each illness or a lifetime limit may be set. Recalculated annually.

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