Can disciplined forces buy accident insurance?


Can disciplined forces buy accident insurance?

With the mission to maintain social order and provide disaster relief, disciplined forces such as police officers, firefighters, and customs officers often work in high-risk environments, and their jobs are inherently dangerous. Therefore, if the insured person's occupation belongs to a higher-risk profession, the insurance company may increase the premium, add exclusions, or even refuse coverage.

Bowtie Touchwood not only reimburses disciplined forces’ medical expenses resulting from accidents during duty but also covers related psychological treatment. Bowtie uses the example of firefighter Mr. Cheung to explain in detail.

A fire caused mental and physical distress to Mr. Cheung

Mr. Cheung is a 21-year-old firefighter. Two months ago, he was pierced by a hard object while fighting a fire on duty. He was then rushed to a public hospital for emergency treatment and had to be hospitalized for 3 days to undergo surgery to remove the fragments of the foreign object from his arm. However, this accident also caused him psychological trauma and emotional distress.

Diagnosed with trauma sequelae during the recovery period

Two weeks after the accident, although Mr. Cheung’s arm injury gradually improved, he suffered from nightmares almost every night, constantly envisioning the scene of the fire and the injuries suffered by other victims.

The lack of rest for a long time made it difficult for Mr. Cheung to focus on work. After discussing it with his family, he decided to seek treatment from a private hospital psychiatrist. 

After being diagnosed, the doctor confirmed that the previous accident directly caused Mr. Cheung to suffer from trauma sequelae and recommended immediate treatment.

Family members can handle the claims process on behalf of the insured

Mr. Cheung followed the doctor’s advice and was arranged to be hospitalized for treatment. As Mr. Cheung was still in the recovery stage, both physically and mentally, his family members handled the claims process on his behalf. 

Fortunately, Bowtie‘s claims process is simple, and his family members only needed to upload the necessary documents on the online platform, and the insurance company immediately followed up on the case.

Overview of Expenses for Accidental Injury*

ItemChargesBowtie Touchwood Coverage
Emergency Room $180 $180
Emergency Ward $360 $360
Psychiatric Outpatient (Private Doctor) $600 $600
Psychiatric Hospitalization $12,600 $12,600
Attending Doctor’s Visit & Medication Fee$14,000 $14,000
Total $27,740 $27,740 
Out-of-pocket expenses $0
Claim Ratio100%
  • *All costs are estimated based on hospital charges. Please inquire with the hospital for detailed and accurate costs.
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