Can athletes/coaches buy accident insurance?


Can athletes/coaches buy accident insurance?

Hong Kong people are busy with work, and they only have time to exercise only on Saturdays and Sundays. Hiking is one of the more popular sports, as it allows people to enjoy the scenery while also improving their cardiovascular function. However, some hiking trails in Hong Kong are rough and accidents can happen at any time if the terrain is unfamiliar. Bowtie has chosen a hiking scenario to explain the coverage limits of its "Bowtie Accident Insurance - Touchwood" plan.

Marathons are one of the more popular sports, and many track and field coaches offer classes to amateur runners to teach them long-distance running skills. 

Bowtie has chosen a running training scenario to explain the benefit limits of its “Bowtie Touchwood” plan.

Running injuries can be serious or minor. Ms. Wong is a part-time long-distance running coach, and every weekend she accompanies her students on long-distance running training.

This weekend, she and her students chose to train on the mountain trails of Victoria Peak, but she slipped and fell on the return journey, causing severe pain in her left knee. Fortunately, Ms. Wong had a student to help her on the way back, and she immediately sought medical treatment at a private hospital.

After being diagnosed and undergoing an MRI scan, it was confirmed that Ms. Wong had a torn meniscus in her left knee and required meniscus repair surgery. She was then admitted to a general ward and prepared for surgery the next day. She was able to leave the hospital two days after the surgery, but still needed four sessions of physical therapy to restore the mobility of her left knee.

Overview of Unexpected Expenses for Left Knee Meniscus Tear*

ItemChargeBowtie Touchwood Benefit Limit
MRI scan$5,100 $3,570
Attending Doctor Visit$1,400$1,400
Surgery fee $41,400$25,000
Operating Theatre fee$2,600 $2,600
Anesthesiologist fee$2,600 $2,600 
Room and board $1,360 $1,360
Miscellaneous fees$1,390 $1,390
Physiotherapy$1,335 $1,000
Total  $57,185$38,920
Out-of-pocket expenses $18,265
Claim Ratio68.1%

 All expenses are estimated based on hospital charges and please consult the hospital for detailed and accurate charges.

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Can athletes or coaches get insured with accident insurance? Will accident insurance cover sports event's injuries?
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