BowtieCash Program – Campaign Rules

Last updated: 8 July, 2019

BowtieCash Program ("Program") is a loyalty and rewards scheme operated solely by Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited ("Bowtie") for rewarding Bowtie's Policy Holders ("Policy Holders"). The following terms and conditions set out the details of the rules and operation of the Program ("Program Terms and Conditions").

The Program offers an ex gratia claim reimbursement enhancement that aims to reward Policy Holders for their loyalty and participation (both active and passive) in promotional activities operated by Bowtie. The objective is to enhance claim reimbursement in respect of a claim lodged by a Policy Holder, based on the level of BowtieCash accumulated by the Policy Holder under this Program. BowtieCash can only be redeemed through the insurance and claim services of Bowtie and cannot be directly redeemed for cash.

As Bowtie seeks to continue to improve the Program, these Program Terms and Conditions may change over time and it is important that the Policy Holder understands that Bowtie has the right to unilaterally amend this Program at any time and at Bowtie's sole discretion.

By participating in the Program, Policy Holder is deemed to have read, fully understand and agrees to abide by the Program Terms and Conditions.

Part 1 General Condition

Section 1 Earning BowtieCash

1. Bowtie may award BowtieCash to new and/or existing Policy Holders for their participation in promotional activities operated by Bowtie from time to time. Should a Policy Holder withdraw from such activities (including but not limited to delayed or lack of response to take actions by a certain date, and reversal of policy transactions), his/her entitlement to the relevant BowtieCash is forfeited.

2. BowtieCash are awarded and allocated to Bowtie policies solely at the discretion of Bowtie.

Section 2 Application of BowtieCash

3. Unless otherwise defined in these Program Terms and Conditions, all capitalized terms used in this Program Terms and Conditions will have the same meanings ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions of Bowtie VHIS Plans.

4. BowtieCash can be applied on an ex gratia basis to enhance claim reimbursement when a Policy Holder under a Bowtie VHIS Plan makes a claim for Eligible Expenses. When the Policy Holder makes a claim:

(i)    Eligible Expenses should be met by the benefits under the Policy in the first instance.

(ii) If the amount of Eligible Expenses is in excess of the benefit limits and the balance of BowtieCash on the day when the Eligible Expenses are incurred is not zero or less, the BowtieCash to be applied will be the said excess or the balance of BowtieCash on the day when the Eligible Expenses are incurred, whichever is the lower.

(iii) The balance of BowtieCash after a claim will be reduced by the amount of BowtieCash applied under a claim.

5. The target ex gratia adjustment is for BowtieCash to be applied on a one-to-one basis: specifically, one Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) of BowtieCash can be applied towards one HKD of a claim for Eligible Expenses. Should the Eligible Expenses be incurred in other currencies, they shall be converted into HKD in accordance with the Term and Conditions under the Bowtie VHIS Policy. It is important that the Policy Holder understands this adjustment is made on an ex gratia basis and therefore Bowtie has full discretion over the way in which the balance of BowtieCash is applied towards a claim.

6. When lodging a claim under a Policy with BowtieCash balance, the Policy Holder understands and agrees that:

(i) Benefit schedule, exclusions, Terms and Conditions of Bowtie VHIS Plans are applicable to all benefits payable under the Program at the inception of these Program Terms and Conditions and at each Renewal (where applicable).

(ii) Benefits payable are subjected to specific case-based exclusion(s) due to a Pre-existing Condition or other factor that affects the insurability of the Insured Person notified to the Company in the Application.

(iii) BowtieCash cannot be used to cover any expenses that are not reimbursable under the Policy Holder’s Bowtie VHIS Plan due to the application of the reimbursement ratio for unknown pre-existing conditions(1) and/or the Adjustment Factor for ward class(2).

(iv) All benefits payable to the Policy Holder shall be on a reimbursement basis of the actual amounts of Eligible Expenses incurred as stated in the Terms and Conditions and the Benefit Schedule of the Bowtie VHIS Policy.

(v) If the Policy Holder has taken out other insurance coverage besides this BowtieCash Program, the Policy Holder shall have the right to claim under any such other insurance coverage or this BowtieCash Program. However, if the Policy Holder or the Insured Person has already recovered all or part of the expenses from any such other insurance coverage, the Company shall only be liable for such amount of Eligible Expense, if any, which is not compensated by any such other insurance coverage.

(vi) The total amount of Eligible Expenses payable under this BowtieCash Program and Bowtie VHIS Policy shall not exceed the actual costs for Medical Services provided to the Insured Person.

Section 3 Miscellaneous

7. BowtieCash is applied to meet Eligible Expenses on a one-to-one basis, whereby one HKD of BowtieCash is redeemable as one HKD of claim reimbursement. Bowtie has fully discretion over, and reserves the right to adjust the redemption basis.

8. The application of BowtieCash shall follow the first-in first-out principle, under which the earliest BowtieCash will be applied towards a claim.

9. BowtieCash will be expired on the earliest of: -

(i) five (5) years after the day BowtieCash were awarded;

(ii) the Insured Person reaching age 65; and

(iii) the day when the Policy to which the BowtieCash is related is terminated.

10. For the avoidance of doubt, BowtieCash is not convertible into cash.

11. The balance of BowtieCash on any Policy shall not exceed a limit of 100,000. If a Policy has a balance exceeding this limit, then all BowtieCash exceeding the limit are forfeited following the first-in first-out principle. Bowtie reserves the right to raise or lower the BowtieCash limit on any Policy.

12. BowtieCash under a Policy is not transferable to any other Policy.

13. The Policy Holder and the Insured Person agree to be bound by the relevant Terms and Conditions of Bowtie VHIS Policy(s).

14. Bowtie reserves the right to cancel the balance of BowtieCash under a Policy as a result of any fraudulent action taken by the Policy Holder and/or the Insured Person.

15. Bowtie is not responsible for the loss of BowtieCash due to any technological or system problems.

16. Bowtie makes no warranty that the BowtieCash will be accurately allocated to the Policy Holder. Bowtie accepts no liability for any failure or delay in awarding BowtieCash to a Policy due to any reasons beyond Bowtie’s control.

17. Under no circumstances, including as a result of its negligent acts or omissions or those of its officers, employees, directors, partners or other persons for whom in law it may be liable, shall Bowtie be liable for any loss or damage of any nature which the Policy Holder, the Insured Person or any third parties may sustain as a result of engagement or participation in the Program. By agreeing to these Program Terms and Conditions, Policy Holder agrees to indemnify Bowtie accordingly.

18. By participating in the BowtieCash Program, Policy Holder agrees to receive promotional content regarding the BowtieCash Program. For Policy Holder of a Bowtie VHIS Policy, Policy consent to receive promotional content regarding this program does not supersede his/her previous instruction as to whether to receive direct marketing materials from Bowtie. Please refer to Bowtie’s Personal Data & Privacy Statement.

19. If for any reason, any part of these Program Terms and Conditions or part of any other governing documentation is found to be void or unenforceable, such provision or part of the Program Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be severed from these Program Terms and Conditions and such other governing documentation and the remainder of these Program Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect and may be enforced to the fullest extent possible.

20. These Program Terms and Conditions and other documents issued by Bowtie relating to the Program do not give any person who is not a Bowtie Policy Holder any right to enforce any of the provisions.

21. These Program Terms and Conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and are subject to prevailing regulatory requirements.

22. Bowtie may at its discretion vary these Program Terms and Conditions (in whole or part, with or without notice, to any aspect of the Program, including terminating the Program). If Bowtie makes any material changes, we will try to notify Policy Holders at least 7 days in advance in the event of such variation(s). The most updated version of these Program Terms and Conditions is available on the Bowtie website. It is important that the Policy Holder review these Program Terms and Conditions whenever Bowtie changes them, as the changes will be effective immediately upon being displayed on the Bowtie website. Bowtie shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any amendments to these Program Terms and Conditions.

23. In case of any dispute in relation to the award, allocation or application of BowtieCash under a Policy, the decision of Bowtie shall be final and conclusive.

24. If there is any discrepancy between the English version of these Program Terms and Conditions and those versions in other languages (if any), the English version shall prevail.

(1) In accordance with section Part 6 4. Pre-existing Condition(s) in Terms and Conditions
(2) In accordance with section 1(f) (“Supplementary major medical benefit”) in Supplement No. 1