Bowtie 2 月限時優惠之條款及細則

Bowtie 2 月限時優惠(「此優惠」)只適用於 2024 年 2 月 16 日至 2024 年 2 月 29 日期間(包括首尾兩天)(「推廣期」)期間成功批核及獲繕發之指定保單(「合資格保單」)

  1. 新客戶使用優惠碼【LOONG】於推廣期內成功投保合資格保單,可享有以下優惠:
    a. 任何 Bowtie 自願醫保:首年保費 55 折;
    b. Bowtie 人壽保:首年保費 75 折及 MTB 前期危疾身體檢查計劃(「此身體檢查」);
    c. 任何 Bowtie 危疾保:首年保費 5 折;
    d. Bowtie 戰癌保或 Bowtie 觸木保:首年保費 65 折。
  2. 新客戶是指從未持有或成為任何 Bowtie 個人保險保單的受保人。
  3. 此身體檢查由 Bowtie x JP Partners Medical Centre Limited (「Bowtie & JP Health」) 所提供。受以下條款約束:
    a. 此身體檢查只限年滿 18 歲或以上的人士享用。
    b. 此身體檢查有效期為發出後 12 個月,客戶須於有效期內兌此身體檢查,否則將作廢無效,並不獲補發。
    c. 此身體檢查須視乎 Bowtie & JP Health 實際營運情況而定,名額先到先得。客戶需依照由 Bowtie 發出之換領信內的指引預約及兌換服務。
    d. 此身體檢查只適用於受保人,不得轉售或轉讓他人使用。
    e. 此身體檢查不可更換、退回、轉換其他禮品,或與其他推廣優惠同時使⽤。
    f. 此身體檢查結果並不會影響已繕發的 Bowtie 人壽保保單。
    g. Bowtie 並非此身體檢查之供應商,此身體檢查由 Bowtie & JP Health 提供。由此身體檢查或其他由 Bowtie & JP Health 提供的服務所產生之任何責任,及有關服務之任何問題或投訴或其相關服務質素,Bowtie 概不負責,請直接與 Bowtie & JP Health 聯絡或查詢。
    h. 如保單持有人於合資格保單的首個保單年度終結前取消保單或退保,Bowtie 有權追討有關此身體檢查之費用。
    i. Bowtie 將於保單生效起 45 天後發出此身體檢查之換領電郵,客戶可根據指示享用優惠。
    j. Bowtie 及 Bowtie & JP Health 對以上有關優惠保留最終決定權,並有權終止或用同等價值及/或規格的獎品代替原先全部或部份服務及優惠而不作事前通知。
  4. 任何因電腦、網路等技術問題導致投保人所遞交的資料有所遲延、遺失、錯誤的情況,Bowtie 毋須負上任何責任。所有與投保有關之日期及時間(包括但不限推廣期)均以 Bowtie 的時間紀錄為準。

Bowtie Feb Limited-time Offer Terms and Conditions

Bowtie Feb Limited-time Offer ("the Offer") is only applicable to the policy  ("Eligible Policy")  that is successfully submitted and issued from Feb 16, 2024 to Feb 29, 2024 (”Promotion Period”).

  1. New customer who successfully applies with the promo code 【LOONG】for designated products can enjoy the following offers:
    a. Any Bowtie VHIS Plan: 45% off first-year premium;
    b. Bowtie Term Life: 25% off first-year premium and MTB Early Critical Illness Health Check Plan (“the Health Check Plan”);
    c. Any Bowtie Critical Illness plan: 50% off first-year premium.
    d. Bowtie Cancer Fighter and Bowtie Touchwood Protector: 35% off first-year premium.
  2. “New Customer” refers to the insured person who has never been under the protection of or held any Bowtie individual insurance policy.
  3. The Health Check Plan is provided by Bowtie x JP Partners Medical Centre Limited (“Bowtie & JP Health”). Terms and conditions apply:
    a. The Health Check Plan is only available to persons aged 18 or above.
    b. The Health Check Plan is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issuance. Customers need to redeem the Health Check Plan within the effective period. Otherwise it will be invalid and will not be reissued.
    c. The Health Check Plan is subject to Bowtie & JP Health’s availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers are required to follow the instructions provided in the redemption email issued by Bowtie to make appointments and redeem the Health Check Plan. 
    d. The Health Check Plan is available to the insured only. It cannot be transferred or resold to others.
    e. The Health Check Plan cannot be exchanged, returned, exchanged for other gifts, or used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
    f. The Health Check Plan result will not affect the status of the issued Bowtie Term Life policy.
    g. Bowtie is not the provider of the Health Check Plan, which is provided by Bowtie & JP Health. Bowtie is not responsible for any liability arising out of the Health Check Plan or other services provided by Bowtie & JP Health nor for any problems or complaints about the service or its related service quality, please contact or inquire directly with Bowtie & JP Health.
    h. If the policyholder cancels or surrenders the Eligible Policy before the end of the first policy year, Bowtie shall have the right to recover the fee of the Health Check Plan. 
    i. Bowtie will send out a redemption email after 45 days after the policy becomes effective. Customers can enjoy the Health Check Plan according to the instructions in the redemption email.
    j. Bowtie and Bowtie & JP Health reserve the right of final decision on this promotion and reserve the right to suspend, terminate, or substitute the Dietitian Services with an alternative gift with equal monetary value and/or specification and change the details of the Offer without prior notice.
  4. Bowtie will not be liable for any matter or loss in relation to submission delay, loss, and any information transmission error due to technical problems including but not limited to any computer or internet network issues. All dates and times related to the Offer.