「Bowtie 自願醫保無索償獎賞」條款及細則

  1. 「Bowtie 自願醫保無索償獎賞」 (「此獎賞計劃」) 只提供予至少持有一份有效之保泰自願醫保計劃保單(「合資格保單」)之現時受保人。
  2. 此獎賞計劃由 2023 年 5 月 1 日起生效。
  3. 合資格保單需符合以下條件,方可獲得無索償獎賞

    a. 未曾成功索償之合資格保單:保單已生效至少 6 個月;
    b. 曾經成功索償之合資格保單:保單已生效至少 6 個月,並在過去 12 個月內沒有成功索償。
  4. 若受保人曾成功索償,只要由下一個曆月起,12 個月內沒有成功索償,便可再次享有無索償獎賞。
  5. 成功索償是指投保人曾向 Bowtie 提出索償,Bowtie 成功批核並支付賠償。
  6. 無索償獎賞將於每月繳交保費後的一個工作天內發放。
  7. 無索償獎賞金額為當月已繳保費(保費徵費不計算在內)之 8% BowtieCash,並以四捨五入方式調整至 2 個小數位。BowtieCash 獎賞計劃 – 助你索償時,支付任何超過保泰自願醫保計劃賠償額的合資格醫療費用,須受有關條款約束。詳情請參閱推廣活動細則
  8. 此獎賞計劃不能更改、退回、用作交換其他獎賞或兌換現金。
  9. 任何因電腦、網路等技術問題導致受保人所遞交的資料有所遲延、遺失、錯誤的情況,Bowtie 毋須負上任何責任。所有與投保有關之日期及時間均以 Bowtie 的時間紀錄為準。
  10. Bowtie 保留權利隨時修訂本條款及細則及終止此獎賞計劃,並不作出任何通知。

"Bowtie VHIS No-Claim Rewards Program" Terms and Conditions

  1. "Bowtie VHIS No-Claim Rewards Program” ("the Program") is only eligible to insured persons who hold at least one effective Bowtie VHISpolicy ("Eligible Policy").
  2. The Program will take effect from May 1, 2023.
  3. To be eligible for the No-Claim Rewards, the Eligible Policy must meet the following conditions:

    a. Eligible Policies that have not successfully claimed: the policy has been in effect for at least 6 months;
    b. Eligible Policies that have successfully claimed in the past: the policy has been in effect for at least 6 months and no successful claims have been made within the past 12 months.
  4. If the insured person has successfully claimed, they can enjoy the No-Claim Rewards again as long as no successful claims have been made within the next 12 months starting from the following month.
  5. Successful claim means that the policyholder has made a claim to Bowtie, which Bowtie has approved and paid the claim.
  6. The No-Claim Rewards will be deposited within one working day after the monthly premium payment.
  7. The amount of No-Claim Rewards is 8% BowtieCash of the premium paid in the month (excluding levy), rounded to 2 decimal places. BowtieCash Reward Plan - to help you pay for any eligible medical expenses that exceed the Bowtie VHIS plan coverage, is subject to the relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to the Campaign Terms and Conditions for details.
  8. The Program cannot be changed, refunded, exchanged for other rewards, or redeemed for cash.
  9. Bowtie shall not be responsible for any delay, loss or error of data submitted by the insured person due to technical problems such as computer or network. All dates and times related to insurance applications are based on Bowtie's time records.
  10. Bowtie reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions and terminate The Program at any time without prior notice.