Bowtie 自願醫保家庭優惠條款及細則

  1. Bowtie 自願醫保家庭優惠 (「此優惠」) 只適用於2024 年 4 月 11 日至 2024 年 4 月 29 日期間 (包括首尾兩天) (「推廣期」) 成功投保及獲批核之保泰自願醫保計劃之保單 (「保單」)。
  2. BowtieCash 獎賞計劃 – 助你索償時,支付任何超過保泰自願醫保計劃賠償額的合資格醫療費用,須受有關條款約束。詳情請參閱推廣活動細則
  3. 投保人於推廣期內為本人或合資格之家庭成員投保保泰自願醫保計劃,並輸入推廣編號【FAMILY35】,合資格保單可獲首年保費 65 折。其後,保單持有人於推廣期內為合資格之家庭成員投保,並輸入同一優惠碼,每張合資格保單可獲首年保費 65 折及額外 $1,000 BowtieCash。
  4. 投保人之每張保單須符合以下全部條件方可享有額外 $1,000 BowtieCash:
    4.1 須於推廣期內成功投保保泰自願醫保計劃;
    4.2 受保人從未持有任何保泰自願醫保計劃之保單;
    4.3 同一投保人使用推廣編號【FAMILY35】投保多於一張保單,而其中只能有一張保單之受保人為投保人;
    4.4 申請須獲 Bowtie 成功批核。
  5. 有關申請之受保人必須為投保人本人或其配偶及子女,或投保人或其配偶的父母、祖父母、外祖父母或兄弟姊妹 (「合資格之家庭成員」)。
  6. $1,000 BowtieCash 將會在第二張或以後之合資格保單冷靜期後 60 個工作天內自動存入,完成後會以短訊形式通知。
  7. 此優惠不可更換、退回、轉換其他禮品,或與其他推廣優惠及/或現金券同時使用。
  8. 任何因電腦、網路等技術問題導致投保人所遞交的資料有所遲延、遺失、錯誤的情況,Bowtie 毋須負上任何責任。所有與投保有關之日期及時間(包括但不限推廣期)均以 Bowtie 的時間紀錄為準
  9. Bowtie 保留在不作任何事前通知的情況下修改、暫停或取消此優惠及修改其條款及細則的權利。如對以上優惠有任何爭議, Bowtie 保留最終決定權。

Bowtie VHIS Family Offer Term and Condition

  1. Bowtie VHIS Family Offer (“The Offer”) is applicable to any Bowtie VHIS Plans, ("Eligible Policy") that is successfully submitted and issued from 11 Apr 2024 to 29 April 2024 (both dates inclusive) ("Promotion Period").
  2. BowtieCash allows you to pay for eligible medical costs that exceed Bowtie VHIS Plans coverage and is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the campaign rules of the BowtieCash Program.
  3. When the policyholder applies to any Bowtie VHIS Plans for him or herself or eligible family members within the Promotion Period with the promo code 【FAMILY35】”, the eligible policy is entitled to the 35% off first-year premium discount. The policyholder subsequently applies for the eligible family members within the Promotion Period with the same promo code, each eligible policy is entitled to 35% off first-year premium discount and the additional $1,000 BowtieCash.
  4. To be entitled to $1,000 BowtieCash, each policy held by the policyholder is required to fulfill all of the below requirements:
    4.1 The Bowtie VHIS policy is successfully submitted within the Promotion Period;
    4.2  The insured person has never been under the protection of or held a Bowtie VHIS policy.
    4.3 The same policyholder applies more than one policy with the promo code 【FAMILY35】. and one of the insured persons of the policies should be the policyholder.
    4.4 The application is approved by Bowtie.
  5. The insured person in the application must be the insured person him or herself, his or her spouse and children, or the parents, grandparents or siblings (“Eligible family members”)
  6. The $1,000 BowtieCash will be allocated to the eligible policies within 60 calendar days after the cooling-off period of the second policy. The policyholder will receive a SMS notification.
  7. The Offer cannot be transferred or resold to others and cannot be exchanged, refunded, converted to other gifts, or used in conjunction with other offers.
  8. Bowtie will not be liable for any matter or loss in relation to submission delay, loss, and any information transmission error due to technical problems including but not limited to any computer or internet network issues. All dates and time related to application (including but not limited to the Promotion Period) are recorded according to the reception of Bowtie’s server and computer records.
  9. Bowtie reserves the rights of the final decision, including suspending, terminating or changing details of the Offer and its terms and conditions without prior notice.