Bowtie Story
Bowtie Story

Bowtie Customer Testimonial: Suffered From Ureteral Stones During The Pandemic

Author Bowtie Team
Date 2022-10-21
Updated on 2022-11-04
Who should I go to if there are no insurance agents?Feeling helpless during the peak of the pandemicDetermined to seek medical attention as soon as possibleClaims process worked like auto-navigationSummary: First-hand experience is the most convincing

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergency room of public hospitals were full of patients. What could one do in case of an emergency? At that  time, Bowtie’s customer, Mr. Yeung, suddenly experienced severe lower back pain. Instead of going to the emergency room, he chose to call the Bowtie customer service team. Why did he do this? Let’s learn about his experience, from getting insured, falling sick to filing a claim.

(The following case is an authentic account and for reference only.)

Who should I go to if there are no insurance agents?

Mr. Yeung shared with us that in the past, in order to discuss his insurance policy, it had taken him an hour or two to meet with his agent. As a result, he thought that buying insurance through traditional intermediaries was very inefficient. What’s more, he had even encountered an unpleasant experience when making a claim, and he became disillusioned with insurance.

But when he went to see a doctor a year or two ago, the doctor explained the importance of medical insurance, and thus, he began to look into VHIS. His son also helped him make a detailed comparison of plans offered by different insurance companies. From that research, he found that Bowtie’s VHIS Flexi plan is cheaper and provided higher coverage.

Nevertheless, Mr. Yeung was hesitant about online insurance: “How do I keep track of my policy if there are no agents?” He continued to do more research to understand how Bowtie’s customer service team worked. While preparing to apply for insurance, Mr. Yeung found that he could reach out to Bowtie CS through LiveChat or WhatsApp to ask about unfamiliar provisions or words, and he noticed the quick and detailed responses that came back. This greatly boosted Mr. Yeung’s confidence and made him comfortable buying online insurance.

With Bowtie, you can apply for insurance online, which is very convenient. I was further reassured when I saw Former Financial Secretary John Tsang’s endorsement, so I decided to give it a try!

Feeling helpless during the peak of the pandemic

Three months after applying for insurance, Mr. Yeung began to feel cramps in his lower back, and the pain was worse during urination. At that time in February 2022, the number of new COVID-19 diagnoses were over 10,000 per day, and the public health care system was getting overwhelmed. Mr. Yeung saw on the news that around two hundred elderly were queuing in the bitter cold outside the hospital for emergency services. Mr. Yeung recalled:

At that time, I was in so much pain. I thought that if I had to line up for the ER, I would have died of pain before I got to see the doctor!

Determined to seek medical attention as soon as possible

Recalling the VHIS plan he had purchased earlier, Mr. Yeung had an idea to seek medical treatment in a private hospital. He immediately called Bowtie’s customer service hotline to inquire whether he could file a claim and what his next step options were.

I thought, like most phone calls to a bank, I would have to wait in line for ages. But the CS answered my call within a few seconds!

To Mr. Yeung’s surprise, someone answered the phone within seconds, and the CS even responded to his questions in great detail. In addition to the covered benefits and amount of coverage, the CS also explained what documents to be prepared before discharged from hospital. Mr. Yeung felt greatly relieved. He then went to a private hospital to seek medical treatment and arrange for admission.

The above experience has completely changed my impression of CS. They are basically like insurance agents, but better!

Claims process worked like auto-navigation

After an examination in a private hospital, the doctor confirmed that Mr. Yeung was suffering from ureteric stone and immediately arranged treatments. After a series of treatments, Mr. Yeung has fully recovered.

After being discharged from the hospital, Mr. Yeung made an online claim application. He found that Bowtie’s claim process was far more convenient than he thought, like using “auto-navigation”. All he had to do was to pass the claim form to doctor for completion, collect and take photos of the relevant documents, and upload everything to the online portal.

To me, Bowtie’s online claim is like auto-navigation. You only have to gather all the documents, take photos and upload them to the portal in one go. A clear status update is also available so that you know the progress of your claim!

Besides the convenience of the claim process, Mr. Yeung also appreciated the “Claim Progress Bar” on the claim page, which allowed him to see the progress of his claim application clearly. After a week, Mr. Yeung’s application was approved, and he received the payment a few days later. He was satisfied with the speed of approval.

  • *The actual claim time may vary depending on the circumstances. The processing time included the time spent on reviewing the information and waiting for medical reports or other supplemental documents.

Mr. Yeung’s hospital examination and treatment of ureteric stones cost over HK$20,000. Fortunately, under the protection of Bowtie VHIS Flexi Regular, most of the expenses were covered, including “Prescribed Diagnostic Imaging Tests”*.

  • *In general VHIS plans, “prescribed diagnostic imaging tests” require a 30% co-insurance (also known as co-pay), meaning that the policyholder needs to pay 30% of the cost.
  • Actual medical expenses will depend on the doctor’s advice and decision regarding the patient’s physical condition.

Summary: First-hand experience is the most convincing

Despite his initial reservations, Mr. Yeung has regained his confidence in insurance after experiencing Bowtie’s services. He has also introduced Bowtie to his friends and relatives. Also, Mrs. Yeung has bought her own Bowtie VHIS plan after being impressed by the speed of Bowtie’s claims processing.

We are pleased to help Mr. Yeung in his time of need. Seeing Mr. Yeung regain his confidence in insurance has motivated us to continue to “Make Insurance Good Again”. We hereby thank Mr. Yeung for his sharing, and wish him good health!

We are committed to doing better and more for you. Whether it is about pre-admission compensation estimates, cashless hospitalization, or post-discharge claim procedures, we’re happy to answer your questions so that you can access timely assistance and treatment. As long as you reach out to us, we’ll answer all of your questions and help you get the highest settlement!

Learn about the claim process or get help

📞 Customer Service Hotline: 3008 8123

📞 Claim Hotline: 3001 5670


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