Exclusive to VHIS Customers
The All-new "No-Claim Rewards"
Get rewarded for staying healthy - Your protection grows monthly

BowtieCash - Settle medical costs that exceed coverage

Earn rewards every month
Premium × 8% = BowtieCash earned that month

Easy redemption
$1 BowtieCash = HKD 1

Minimize your medical costs

BowtieCash pays for the medical expenses that exceed the VHIS plan coverage so you pay less out of pocket.


The more rewards you accumulate, the more you can claim.

Get most out of your medical insurance with the No-Claim Rewards. BowtieCash will accumulate over time. Rewards can be used to settle medical expenses when you need protection most in life so you pay less out of pocket. We are committed to keeping your out of pocket affordable. The average out of pocket for claims of Bowtie's VHIS plans is currently $2,969^, and BowtieCash can further reduce your out of pocket!

^Bowtie internal claims data, as of February 2023.

Earn it. Spend it.

Earn it in 6 months

  • Unlike similar plans in the market that require an average of 2-3 years of no-claims history to receive rewards, you can earn rewards as long as you have no claims for 6 consecutive months after the policy effective date.
  • If you have claimed before, you can enjoy the 8% reward again as long as there are no claims within 12 months after the claim.

Everything at a glance

  • Rewards are automatically deposited with no additional application required.
  • You can log in to your Bowtie account at any time to check out the rewards.

Not our customer yet?

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Apply for any Bowtie VHIS plans to enjoy $5000 BowtieCash now.

“New Customer” refers to the insured person who has never been under the protection of or held any Bowtie individual insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BowtieCash have an expiry date?

Yes. BowtieCash expires when any of the following occurs:

  • five years after the day BowtieCash was awarded;
  • the Insured Person reaches age 65;
  • the day when the VHIS policy to which the BowtieCash is related is terminated.
What is the maximum limit of BowtieCash?

The maximum limit of BowtieCash is $100,000 per policyholder.

Can BowtieCash be used to pay the deductible?

No. The policyholder needs to pay the deductible in the event of a claim, and Bowtie will pay for the remaining medical expenses according to benefit limits in the policy. BowtieCash can be used to pay for eligible medical costs that exceed the plan coverage (if any).

Can I earn No-Claims Rewards if I have claimed before?

If you have claimed before, you can enjoy a 8% no-claims reward again as long as there are no claims within 12 months after the claim.

When will the No-Claim Rewards be deposited into my Bowtie account?

Once you are eligible to earn the No-Claim Rewards, BowtieCash will be deposited to your Bowtie account within one working day after the monthly premium payment. The amount of rewards is 8% of the premium paid that month, and you can check your BowtieCash records by logging into your Bowtie account at any time.

Can I still use BowtieCash if I file claims with Bowtie VHIS and other medical policies?

Yes. You may first file a claim with other insurance policies and then file a claim with Bowtie VHIS. Any remainder eligible amounts can be paid by BowtieCash, provided you have sufficient BowtieCash in your account to cover it.

If you file a claim with Bowtie VHIS first, any eligible amounts that exceed the VHIS coverage will be paid by your BowtieCash. And then if there are any remaining amounts after deducting from your BowtieCash, you may file a claim with your other medical policies.

If I hold more than one Bowtie VHIS policies, will each policy be entitled to the No-Claim Rewards?

Yes, the No-Claim Rewards will be calculated based on the claims record of each individual policy.

Can I transfer my BowtieCash to my friends or family?

No. BowtieCash can be used by the Bowtie VHIS plan policyholder only.

Is BowtieCash applicable to Bowtie Pink?

Yes. Yet, Bowtie Pink fully covers eligible medical expenses without sub-limits. Under most circumstances (except for exclusions and designated situations), BowtieCash is not needed to pay for medical costs that exceed the plan coverage.

Bowtie VHIS No-Claim Rewards is subject to terms and conditions.

BowtieCash program is subject to terms and conditions. It is not a legal obligation for Bowtie to pay claims with BowtieCash. For details, please refer to the campaign rules of BowtieCash program. Bowtie reserves the right to adjust the redemption basis, unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of BowtieCash program at any time, and at Bowtie's sole discretion. In any case of dispute, the decision of Bowtie shall be final and conclusive.

BowtieCash Program applies to Bowtie VHIS plans only. BowtieCash can only be used to pay for eligible medical costs that exceed the VHIS plan coverage. It is not a cash reward program and does not form a part of the Bowtie VHIS plan.