Press Release
Press Release

Bowtie announces board changes

Author Bowtie Team
Date 2020-05-18
Updated on 2020-10-19

Building out new ideas is challenging, especially one as grand as trying to change a traditional industry to make insurance affordable for everyone. 

A lot of courage is needed for an established insurer to make a strategic investment into a tech startup like Bowtie, especially one pursuing a new insurance company license. Much of this courage came from Mr. Fabien Jeudy, Bowtie’s first Chairman. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fabien helped incubate and guide Bowtie through its first year of successful licensing, team setup, product launches and ultimately operationalizing as a virtual insurer. With Bowtie entering its next phase of growth, Fabien will take on the role of Honorary Advisor to Bowtie’s senior executive team, and will step down from the Board of Directors effective 18 May 2020. 

Bowtie welcomes Mr. Clement Lam as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Clement is part of the founding team of Bowtie, having led Sun Life Hong Kong’s investment into the company. Clement has worked closely with Fabien on directing Bowtie’s strategy and governance and will continue to do so in his new capacity. Clement is the General Manager of the Life and Health Business of Sun Life Hong Kong and brings years of international life insurance experience. 

“My early impression of Bowtie is young, energetic, daring to change and challenge the status quo.  The young insurance company has kept the desire and hunger of a start-up company, which is priceless,” says Mr. Clement Lam.

“I am a strong believer that we need to change the insurance industry.  Everyone in the industry has a part to play to make all of us proud again – we all want to proudly tell people that we are working in the insurance industry.  To this end, I believe in Bowtie’s motto – Insurance is fundamentally good.”

“I believe changes to the industry is hinging on innovation – innovation that brings the best client experience.  More importantly I believe a company without any legacy and burden would be the best place to innovate and try new things – that is Bowtie and that should always be in Bowtie’s DNA.”

“As the incoming chairman of Bowtie – I take this as my biggest challenge to provide support and guidance to Bowtie to keep their fire, always remembering their original intent, and bring innovation and changes to the industry – especially the health insurance sector and provide the BEST experience to the Hong Kong people.”

Under the new leadership of Clement, Bowtie’s mission remains the same and we are excited to continue our journey of reinventing insurance and healthcare systems to make them affordable to everyone. 


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