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Guide to Eye Test in Hong Kong: Procedures and Full Pricing List

As the "windows to the soul," our eyes deserve proper care and attention. However, many Hong Kongers are not in the habit of getting regular eye tests, and some believe it's just about getting a prescription for glasses. In reality, eye tests can detect more than just nearsightedness and astigmatism. When should you start getting eye tests? How often? What's included in a vision test? Bowtie's team has all the answers!
Author Bowtie Team
Date 2023-06-28
Updated on 2022-07-11
Who needs an eye test? Is it only necessary if there are issues?Eye Test ItemsEye Test Pricing ComparisonEye test only involves checking the prescription?Is it necessary to have an eye test for children starting at the age of 4? How often should they have eye tests?What is the purpose of eye test charts/tables?Other types of eye testsWhat is pupil dilation? Is it necessary for an eye test?

Who needs an eye test? Is it only necessary if there are issues?

Eye doctors/optometrists recommend regular eye tests for individuals of all ages. Through the process of eye tests, many eye problems can be detected early. Therefore, even if you feel that your vision is normal and your eyes are in good condition, regular eye tests are still recommended.

Eye Test Items

Common eye test items include:

Visual acuity and refraction examinationVisual acuity test
Refractive error assessment
Visual function assessmentColor vision test
Stereopsis (depth perception) test
Strabismus (squint) examination
Ocular motility test
Binocular vision assessment
Eye health examinationVisual field assessment
Intraocular pressure measurement
Pupil reaction test
Anterior and posterior segment examination
Fundus examination

Eye Test Pricing Comparison

Hospitals/ Optical Centers

Hospitals/ Optical CentersEye Test ItemsPricing*
Optical 88Comprehensive ophthalmic optometry examinationHK$538
Myopia control assessmentHK$690
Tai Kwong EyecareComprehensive ophthalmic optometry examinationHK$300
Eye examination for children aged 2-3HK$400
Wewell CareAdult eye test (provided by optometrist) HK$450
Children’s eye test (provided by optometrist)HK$380
Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas) Optometry and Optical CenterEye examination and prescription glasses serviceHK$280
Contact lens examination^HK$280
Evangel HospitalComprehensive ophthalmic optometry examinationHK$350
United Christian HospitalAdult eye test (for individuals aged 17 or above)HK$450
Children’s eye test (for individuals aged between 6 months and 16 years)HK$360
Hong Kong Baptist Hospital^^Consultation feeHK$670
Vision (refraction) testHK$230
Hong Kong Sanatorium & HospitalAnnual comprehensive eye test for seniorsHK$990
Annual glaucoma examinationHK$790
Cataract examinationHK$990
Gleneagles Hong Kong HospitalEye care program (led by optometrist)HK$320
Eye care program (led by ophthalmologist) HK$900
Yan Chai HospitalFundus examinationHK$420#

Public Institutions

Hong Kong Society for the Blind General Ophthalmic and Low Vision Centre

Items Pricing
Basic optometry examination (led by optometrist)HK$210
Optometry examination (led by ophthalmologist)HK$330

City University of Hong Kong Optometry Clinic

Items Pricing
Comprehensive ophthalmic optometry examination
Comprehensive ophthalmic optometry examinationHK$650
Comprehensive ophthalmic optometry examination + standard design contact lens follow-up examinationHK$800
Comprehensive ophthalmic optometry examination + advanced design contact lens follow-up examinationHK$1,050
Follow-up examinationHK$450 – HK$650
Children’s vision services (suitable for children under 5 years old)
Pediatric comprehensive ophthalmic optometry examinationHK$800
Pediatric follow-up examinationHK$600 – HK$800
Binocular coordination and visual sensation examination
Binocular coordination examinationHK$650
Visual sensation examinationHK$2,100
Hirschberg eye muscle examinationHK$1,600


  • *The above fees were collected by the Bowtie team from official websites or by contacting the clinics as of July 2022.
  • ^Contact lens examination is only available after purchasing contact lenses at the center.
  • ^^Prior consultation with an ophthalmologist is required to determine the absence of any eye diseases before undergoing a vision test.
  • #Elderly individuals aged 65 or above and employees of Yan Chai Hospital and its board members can enjoy a 20% discount on the consultation fee.

Eye test only involves checking the prescription?

An eye test is not only about checking the refractive error (prescription) of the eyes. It can also help identify early signs of eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and even detect serious conditions like “the three highs” (high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol).

In the case of children, if vision abnormalities occur during their developmental period and are not corrected, it can affect their visual development. Regular eye tests can help detect vision problems early and facilitate referrals and treatment.

For teenagers and adults, who often use smartphones or computers and may wear contact lenses for long periods, there is a risk of eye health problems. Regular eye tests can identify any eye damage and help correct harmful lifestyle habits that can affect eye health.

Many elderly individuals experience symptoms such as dry eyes, blurred vision, excessive tearing, and floaters. These symptoms may be early signs of conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or age-related macular degeneration. Eye examinations can determine if these conditions are present in the elderly and prevent the development of advanced stages that are more difficult to treat.

Is it necessary to have an eye test for children starting at the age of 4? How often should they have eye tests?

Since young children have limited understanding and expression abilities, regular eye tests can start at around 4 years old. Most children in this age group can cooperate during the examination, resulting in more reliable results. Children with normal vision should have an eye test at least once a year, while those with myopia or astigmatism should have an examination at least every six months.

What is the purpose of eye test charts/tables?

During an eye test, doctors or optometrists may use eye test charts/tables. These charts/tables serve the purpose of testing the examinee’s ability to recognize fine details at a designated distance using different sizes of letters or images. They help determine whether the person has myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia.

Other types of eye tests

Hong Kong Seafarer Vision Test: According to the regulations of the Marine Department, individuals operating vessels must pass a vision test to obtain or renew a seafarer license. The test includes distance, intermediate, and near vision, as well as color vision testing. If the individual habitually wears glasses while operating the vessel, they should bring their glasses for the test.

What is pupil dilation? Is it necessary for an eye test?

Pupil dilation refers to the enlargement of the pupil.

During the process of determining the prescription for glasses, the optometrist needs to ensure that the ciliary muscle is in a relaxed state to accurately measure the patient’s distance vision. In general, with the patient looking at distant objects and the optometrist using specific examination techniques, it is possible to determine the patient’s prescription while their eyes are in a relaxed state without the need for pupil dilation. However, if the optometrist suspects hidden hyperopia or pseudo-myopia during the examination, they may use pupil dilation to recheck the prescription.


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