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Press Release

Bowtie gamifies employee wellness services calling for attention to preventive healthcare

Near half of the chronic patients are unaware of their illness

Author Bowtie Team
Date 2022-03-25
Updated on 2022-03-25
Six key boosters for overall well-beingDetecting warning signs in time through preventive care activities helps reduce the risk of severe illness About Bowtie

12-week health challenge gives a happiness boost to Welab Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well known for its bustling lifestyle, and that led to negligence on personal health among Hong Kong citizens , particularly the younger generation who are striving for their careers. Holding a common misperception that physical absence of symptoms and pain equals  being healthy, many often neglect the fact that diseases can come instead obscurely. Hong Kong’s first virtual insurer Bowtie advocates “Prevention is better than Cure”, and conducted a 12-week health challenge named “Healthier, Happier Wellness Program” for the young local team of more than 400 people of WeLab Bank and its parent company WeLab, a corporate client of the virtual insurer. The interactive and gamified preventive care sessions enhanced participants’ health consciousness and the understanding of their potential health risks and, revealed a few hidden hazards that Hong Kong people often overlook .

Bowtie’s team of professionals identified some common red flags that are easily fell through the cracks, for example:

  • Diabetic retinopathy was detected among participants in their 30s and 40s through eye screenings
  • Several participants in their early 20s experienced digital visual fatigue, dry eyes, headaches and an increased level of nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Some young participants had a metabolic age that was one time as old as their actual age

Six key boosters for overall well-being

Bowtie sent optometrists, nutritionists, Chinese medicine practitioners and meditation  coaches to the WeLab office to provide comprehensive consulting  services, alongside a 24/7 online dietitian consultation system available to participants for well-being recommendations. Unlike any traditional health seminar or a standalone health app, the 12-week health challenge features interactive and fun preventive care sessions, plus an on-site consulting  booth, and successfully cultivated the concept that doctors and dietitians’ consultations shall be sought ahead of feeling unwell, and also used as preventive care measures. This innovative activity model serves as a starting point of Bowtie’s new attempts in adding value by its preventive care services, towards the goal of extending its comprehensive preventive care services to more corporate clients.

Bowtie gamifies employee wellness services calling for attention to preventive healthcare
Bowtie X Welab

In this 12-week challenge, participants learned more about eye care and the importance of protecting their vision, for example, being more conscious to the lighting, their working postures, the design of computer desks and chairs, as well as getting regular eye exams. Recommendations were also given through the consulting service and online dietitian consultation system. Complemented with exercises, many participants saw significant improvement in their metabolic age and visceral fat levels, with one reported a drop of metabolic age of 20 years after 12 weeks of activity. The evaluation process allowed them to recognize the difference between their metabolic age and the equilibrium value of the same age group, which motivated the return to a healthy diet and regular exercising habits.

Detecting warning signs in time through preventive care activities helps reduce the risk of severe illness

In fact, a survey conducted by the Department of Health shows that many Hong Kongers are unaware of the chronic diseases they are suffering from. More than 47% of the patients with hypertension aged 18 to 84 were ignorant of the disease, while 54% were yet to be diagnosed in prior to the survey among those who aged 15 to 84 with diabetes. Both of these chronic conditions can lead to higher chances of cardiovascular disease and stroke, as well as the likelihood of death in severe cases. The good news is that early detection, healthier lifestyle habits and medication can greatly reduce the risk of complications and premature death.

In addition, working from home has become the trend in the new normal amid the pandemic, office workers may find themselves sitting in front of the computer all day long, with takeaways for all three meals. Many overlooks healthy eating and physical training all too often, and invariably increasing the health risks.

However, traditional group medical insurance focuses on outpatient and inpatient medical expenses, and is less relatable to young people who are not frequent users of healthcare services. Instead, Bowtie centers its efforts on providing preventive care services to clients, building a community that is physically and mentally healthy by improving people’s diet, sleep quality and exercise habits. Revolutionizing the insurance service for corporate clients by completely redesigning and redefining its coverage, Bowtie invites medical experts, representatives of renowned brands and professional athletes to share their experiences, and encourage participants to make efforts for a healthier life, at the same time elevates the attractiveness of the virtual insurer’s offerings.

“Bowtie is committed to building a healthier community. In addition to establishing a one-stop healthcare center, we also work with customers to improve the physical and mental well-being of their employees through advanced scientific examinations, scanning technologies and preventive care services. We are delighted to partner with WeLab Bank, a pioneering and innovative virtual bank in Hong Kong, and its parent company, Asia’s leading financial technology group WeLab, for uplifting the overall happiness of their team.” said Fred Ngan, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Bowtie.


Nancy Hong, WeLab’s Group Head of People & Culture, commented, “Putting people first has always been an important value for WeLab, while both physical and mental assets of our colleagues are core parts of our talent strategy. The ‘Healthier, Happier Wellness Program’ is a fun and relevant way raising colleagues’ attention to their health condition, and providing them with tailored suggestions and measures, so that they are always in their strongest suit to meet whatever challenges work and life bring them. We look forward to interacting with Bowtie and other local fintech companies in the future, spurring more innovative collaboration, which will in turn drive development in Hong Kong’s fintech ecosystem. 

For more information about the activities and partnerships of “Healthier, Happier Wellness Program”, please contact Bowtie at 3008 8123 or email to

  • 1Department of Health Report of Population Health Survey 2014/15

About Bowtie

The Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited is an authorized life insurance company and Hong Kong’s first virtual insurer approved under the Fast Track pilot scheme. Through modern technology and medical expertise, Bowtie offers an agent-free, commission-free, and more convenient online platform for customers to quote, apply, and claim health insurance plans certified by the Food and Health Bureau under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) anytime, anywhere. Bowtie is backed by Mitsui & Co., Ltd , Sun Life Financial and supported by leading international reinsurers. Stay up to date at


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