Bowtie Story
Bowtie Story

Defining a New Category of Health Insurer

For four years, Bowtie has been revolutionizing voluntary health insurance. Now in our third year of consecutive product enhancements, our team of insurtech experts has been unyielding in navigating market shifts and meeting customer needs. This relentless dedication has powered us through 1,461 days.
Author Bowtie Team
Date 2022-05-03
Updated on 2023-10-24
Customer Approved 5-Star Insurance ExperienceA Firm Belief: Health Insurance Should Advance with the TimesFour Years of Persistent InnovationWe Grow Stronger Together

Those who are willing to embrace change should not be underestimated; rather, they should be respected and even feared for their tenacity.

Consider the case of Tiger Woods. Over a decade, he continually refined his swing in his quest for golfing perfection, becoming a formidable force in the sport. Despite reaching the zenith of his career, he continued tweaking his swing to enhance stability and accommodate his body’s post-surgery changes. This relentless pursuit of improvement led to his remarkable achievement of winning 82 PGA Tour events.

At Bowtie, we're not daunted by change-seekers – we count ourselves among them.

Four Years of Dedication A Testament to Our Unwavering Commitment

Led by healthcare and insurance tech consultants, our team has been relentlessly focused on research, market trends, and customer needs for 1,461 days. With 240,000 underwriting decisions, 30,000 claim cases, 274 website updates, and countless customer interactions, we’ve used data to continually enhance our products and services. This iterative process has allowed us to consistently improve product quality, offering timely health protection. We ensure our customers benefit from automatic upgrades from day one, much like the effortless upgrades you experience with your iPhone.

Customer Approved 5-Star Insurance Experience

There are two reasons why we upgrade our coverage every year :

Progress as a Prerequisite – Our Unwavering Commitment to Advancement

Caring for Our Customers – Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction and Experience

We appreciate every individual who has chosen Bowtie among the many insurance companies in the market. Therefore, in both online and offline settings, we seize every opportunity to listen to our customers’ needs. In 2022, we completed over 150 customer visits and actively improved our products, resulting in the upgrades we’ve introduced in 2023. Satisfied customers have recommended our products to their friends and family, propelling Bowtie to become the No. 1# direct-sales insurance channel within two years. Moreover, our performance has outperformed all insurance companies in six of those quarters.

Fueled by Client Contentment

We’re confident that our strong customer satisfaction ratings will lead more people to choose Bowtie’s voluntary health insurance products.

A Firm Belief: Health Insurance Should Advance with the Times

The Hong Kong Department of Health estimates that between 2004 and 2033, total medical expenses in the city will increase 3.6 times. This suggests that in ten years, the average medical expenditure per person will be HK$ 37,600 (calculated in 2005 prices). Everyone should be prepared to handle a 5.4% annual increase in medical expenses.

“Medical expenses are continuously rising, public hospitals are under increasing pressure, and citizens should consider voluntary health insurance as a safety net.”

Mr. John Tsang, a former Financial Secretary who has always been concerned about social livelihood and is now a senior consultant at Bowtie, has mentioned how voluntary health insurance can fill the gap in medical care. We share the same philosophy, hoping that citizens can get adequate protection at an affordable price. Therefore, the upgrades of Bowtie’s voluntary health insurance have always maintained a balance between price and coverage scope.

Strategic Balance and Technological Efficiency Ensuring Affordable and Swift Health Coverage

We excluded those items that seem attractive but may not be practical and are likely to contribute to future premium increases. Instead, we’re dedicated to setting the average out-of-pocket medical cost for customers within the range of HK$10,000. This average self-payment amount is lower than the average monthly salary in Hong Kong and can significantly reduce the financial stress caused by sudden medical expenses for our customers, also avoiding the risk of a substantial premium increase.

In addition, we’ve consistently used technology to lower costs and increase efficiency. Even though the number of claim cases in 2022 was four times greater than in 2021, the speed of claims processing remained unchanged, and the average out-of-pocket amount for voluntary health insurance claims stayed at HK$2,969, aligning with the positioning objectives of Bowtie’s products

Four Years of Persistent Innovation



Launch of the “No Claims Reward Program”*

We launched a reward program to ensure that even if customers have not used the current coverage, the premiums they have paid can be used wisely. The no-claims record time required for this program is shorter than similar programs on the market. Customers who have no claims record 6 months after the policy comes into effect can get BowtieCash, which can be used to offset the amount still payable after compensation

Expansion of “24-Hour Global Emergency Assistance Service” to All VHIS Plans

As travel restrictions are eased, we are extending the “24-Hour Global Emergency Assistance Service,” which is typically only available to high-end health insurance customers of general insurance companies, to all Bowtie voluntary health insurance customers, regardless of their plan level.。

Raising the Coverage Amount for Bowtie Pink (Private)

Our coverage aligns with industry standards, but we offer the most favorable premiums. The annual coverage limit for Bowtie Pink (Private) will increase from HK$10 million to HK$20 million; the lifetime coverage limit will rise from HK$50 million to HK$80 million, providing policyholders with a comfortable treatment environment and proper care at lower premiums when ill or injured.

Improving the Terms for All Bowtie VHIS Plans

  • After reviewing claim data from the past six months, we’ve shortened the waiting period for unknown pre-existing conditions from 1 year to 180 days for both Bowtie Pink and Bowtie VHIS flexi plans. This allows policyholders to access 100% protection earlier.
  • As policyholders of Bowtie Pink grow older, they may need more flexibility in managing their insurance needs. To accommodate this, we’ve simplified the process for reducing out-of-pocket costs and revised it to a more flexible age-based mechanism, along with corresponding requirements.。


First Automatic Upgrade for “Bowtie Pink”

In response to valuable customer feedback, we’ve increased the cash protection for day surgeries by 62.5%, raised the maximum number of pre-hospital or emergency visits associated with hospitalization/day surgeries, and shortened the waiting period for unknown pre-existing conditions to 1 year for 100% coverage.


Second Consecutive Automatic Upgrade for “Bowtie VHIS – Flexi Plan”

After reviewing claim data, we’ve increased the compensation amounts across four categories: surgery-related cost limits (+20%), basic item limits (+5% – 29%), outpatient nursing before hospitalization or after discharge/day surgery (+18% – 55%), and cash protection for day surgeries.


Added COVID-19 Testing Coverage

In line with market needs during the fifth wave of the pandemic, we launched this coverage to encourage early testing.   



Establishment of Medical Service Center for Health Checks

Adhering to our commitment to focusing on protecting our clients’ health, we established the “Bowtie & JP Health” Medical Service Center to encourage everyone to manage their health early. We also conducted health checks for over 1,300 clients.   


Partnership with Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital to Launch Wellness Package

To satisfy the diverse needs of our clients, we’ve introduced this optional add-on protection. Clients can flexibly expand their coverage according to their individual needs and capabilities.

First Automatic Upgrade

Thanks to technology reducing operational costs, we’ve automatically increased individual coverage amounts and added new protection items as a reward to our clients. We’ve also increased the compensation rate to reduce the amount clients still need to pay after compensation. 



Providing Protection for Healthcare Workers and Their Families

During the first wave of the pandemic, we acted to support the healthcare teams who were under immense mental and health pressure.


Providing Additional Coronavirus Protection for Clients

We Grow Stronger Together

Revolutionizing Insurance through Trust and Innovation

Great products can redefine an era, much like how Apple and Tesla have reshaped our expectations of mobile phones and cars. Our goal at Bowtie is to challenge and change the traditional perceptions of insurance. The more people believe in online insurance and trust in Bowtie, the more data we gather to continually refine and improve our offerings.

Customer Trust Fuels Our Commitment to Product Innovation

We value the experience of every customer. Each suggestion and reminder contributes to the continuous breakthroughs of our VHIS products. We look forward to learning more from you in the coming year and continuing to support each other!


  • #According to Insurance Authority’s Provisional Statistics for Long Term Business 2021, Bowtie Life ranked first in number of new individual paid policies through online sales channel (Direct channel) in Hong Kong
  • *The "No Claims Reward Program" is Not a Cash Rebate Program This program is designed solely to enable eligible customers to use rewards to offset the amount they need to pay after receiving compensation.

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