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Group Medical Insurance

Prenetics upgrades their employee benefits with Bowtie | Customer stories

Prenetics became the first Hong Kong unicorn startup to list on Nasdaq in 2022. As a health science company, how do they focus on the physical and mental health of their employees? As the company grew, they decided to switch to Bowtie’s corporate medical insurance to achieve their health goals. Let us share Prenetics and Bowtie’s story with you!
Author Bowtie Team
Date 2024-05-02
Updated on 2024-05-02
Nurturing a wellness cultureWhy Bowtie?What is your experience like with Bowtie?

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Nurturing a wellness culture

Health is a core value of the company. We want everyone to truly care about their health and have the right access to resources to keep themselves in tip-top shape.

The pandemic of the past few years has changed the global economy, but it has also brought about the rise of the Health Tech industry. Founded in 2014, Prenetics is one of the brightest new stars. During the pandemic, Prenetics responded swiftly and provided massive COVID-19 nucleic acid tests and at-home testing services. Prenetics’ vision is to “decentralise” medical testing and develop testing products that can be used at home, not confined to the hospital or laboratory setting anymore.

Prenetics is a dynamic healthcare and biotechnology company. Their team is not only committed to providing high-quality services but also attaches great importance to the health of its employees. The management at Prenetics believes that as a healthcare company, more than any other industry, they need to embrace wellness as a core value, ensuring that everyone truly cares about their own health and has the right resources to stay at their best.

Especially after going through the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming more and more health-conscious. Prenetics believes that only when employees feel happy, healthy, and supported can they reach their full potential. In order to fulfil its commitment to employee health, Prenetics chose Bowtie’s comprehensive group medical insurance plan and proactively increased the coverage to 100%.

Why Bowtie?

Great value and comprehensive protection

On the one hand, Prenetics is committed to improving health benefits for their employees, and on the other hand, they also hope to control costs. They were looking for a corporate health insurance provider in the market that is competitive in terms of coverage and price.

Compared with their previous providers, they find Bowtie’s group medical plan reasonably priced and effectively helps the company save costs. Moreover, Bowtie’s product coverage is comprehensive to cover the needs of their employees. For example, there is no network restriction when it comes to service location so employees can visit any doctor they like. Our coverage is both practical and flexible, encompassing general practitioners, specialists, traditional Chinese medicine, dental and more services to suit the health needs of employees.

What is your experience like with Bowtie?

Convenient online platform

Managing your medical plan with Bowtie’s online platform is like a breeze. For claims applications, simply follow the instructions on our portal and upload the required documents, and then it’s all done. A dedicated claims specialist from Bowtie will then follow up on your case and provide timely assistance to help you through the claims process.

For the HR team, Bowtie’s digital platform eliminates tedious paperwork. Prenetics has grown rapidly in the past few years, which has inevitably led to frequent personnel changes. Whenever a new colleague joins, it only takes 5 minutes to add a new member on the Bowtie online platform and successfully activate the medical plan.

A useful and usable medical benefit

The partnership between Prenetics and Bowtie reflects a shared commitment on employee health and well-being. Bowtie has been trusted by the Prenetics team for our comprehensive health support and services.

We tailored a group medical plan for Prenetics to cover a variety of medical services. Prenetics staff can choose any outpatient services and physical examinations they need. No referral letter is required for specialist outpatient claims and there is no deductibles or co-insurance, taking out the cost worries from their employees such that they can enjoy the most comprehensive protection.

The backstory of Prenetics and CircleX

Prenetics has been at the forefront of genomic and diagnostic testing. In addition to their well-known COVID-19 testing services, Prenetics also provides advanced genetic testing and early cancer screening services to the public with a vision to create a full end-to-end health ecosystem that helps people understand their health in a personal, simple, and affordable way.

CircleX is one of Prenetics’ flagship products and it provides personalised health assessment services based on your genetic test results. Through CircleX, users can gain an in-depth understanding of their genetic characteristics, disease risks, and current health status. By simply booking online, you can receive a comprehensive health check delivered to your doorstep. 

To assist employers or HR in achieving their goals, Bowtie has recorded multiple videos to provide step-by-step guidance and easy issue resolution.

How to create an employer account?

How to upload documents and submit an application on the employer account?

How to add or terminate members?

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