Group Medical Insurance
Group Medical Insurance

How GreenPrice found their ideal health partner | Customer stories

GreenPrice is a Hong Kong-based social enterprise established in 2016 with 10 stores in Hong Kong. It specializes in retailing surplus or short-dated stocks (nearing their "Best Before Day") such as food, cosmetics, and personal care items. Revolutionizing traditional retail and grocery, GreenPrice's mission is to reduce waste and encourage sustainable living by offering discounted products close to their best-before dates from vendors.
Author Bowtie Team
Date 2023-08-31
Updated on 2023-12-27
1. Youthful and innovative brand image 2. 100% Self-served platform to save admin costs3. User-friendly online platform4. Dedicated customer support team

As a startup, GreenPrice believes in three principles for attracting talent: competitive packages, learning opportunities and career growth, and employee benefits. Bowtie, also a startup, shares similar principles. What exactly makes Bowtie so popular and favoured by GreenPrice?

With fast-paced operations and limited resources, GreenPrice agrees that group medical insurance should value competitiveness, be efficient, and go online. Bowtie Group Medical Insurance fulfils these requirements, making it a promising health partner.

【Bowtie Group Medical – GreenPrice】4 Reasons why a social enterprise loves Bowtie?

customer stories from Bowtie's corporate clients

1. Youthful and innovative brand image

GreenPrice and Bowtie are both startups, and their youthful and innovative brand images are highly favoured by GreenPrice employees. From a management perspective, choosing a company that aligns with its own brand image helps attract more young talents to join the team and offers greater flexibility in adapting to the ever-changing business environment.

2. 100% Self-served platform to save admin costs

Many insurance companies still rely heavily on intermediaries, and the delays in responses can impact the whole reimbursement process and user experience.

GreenPrice appreciates how Bowtie’s Group Medical insurance allows for a self-service platform. This means that employees can directly complete the application process through online, such as adding new insured members to insurance policies or filing claims, without the need to contact agents or brokers. This not only saves time from paperwork and communication efforts but also significantly reduces administrative costs.

3. User-friendly online platform

For GreenPrice, the user-friendly online platform is a great advantage, making it easier for employees to manage insurance matters. Compared to traditional insurance companies, GreenPrice finds Bowtie’s online platform direct and convenient, particularly when it comes to handling applications and claims.

4. Dedicated customer support team

Despite offering an online platform, Bowtie has a dedicated and professional customer service team that provides assistance when needed. For any questions, GreenPrice can simply call the customer service team for prompt solutions regarding policy issues, online platform operations, claims, and more.

To assist employers or HR in achieving their goals, Bowtie has recorded multiple videos to provide step-by-step guidance and easy issue resolution.

How to create an employer account?

How to upload documents and submit an application on the employer account?

How to add or terminate members?

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