Group Medical Insurance
Group Medical Insurance

SleekFlow chooses Bowtie for simplicity and convenience | Customer stories

As businesses strive for greater efficiency, automation platforms like SleekFlow have emerged as powerful tools that help companies save resources and time. Even in the insurance industry, technology has played a significant role in streamlining administrative processes and improving the customer experience.
Author Bowtie Team
Date 2024-07-05
Updated on 2024-07-05
About SleekFlowRapid growth fueled by attractive employee benefitsA seamless experience for the young teamWhy Bowtie?Simple and convenient claims processCost-effective medical benefits for startups
There was one time I went to see the doctor in the morning, and I immediately uploaded the receipt to Bowtie’s online platform. That same afternoon, the claim had already been reviewed and settled. I was quite surprised at the time and wondered if they might have overlooked something or hadn't actually reviewed it. But that wasn't the case at all. Bowtie had genuinely completed the process very quickly*.
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SleekFlow

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About SleekFlow

SleekFlow is an AI-powered Omnichannel Conversation Suite for customer engagement. Observing that many traditional merchants have to handle messages across multiple channels, SleekFlow’s core mission is to help clients automate information management by facilitating message routing and subsequent marketing follow-ups. The goal is to reduce manpower and resources and make marketing more efficient with the use of technology.

Rapid growth fueled by attractive employee benefits

The team at SleekFlow has expanded rapidly from 60 to 150 employees in just one year. To retain top talent, SleekFlow is committed to providing excellent benefits to its colleagues, and a more flexible and comprehensive medical coverage is at the top of their list. They are willing to invest in their employee health benefits such that everyone on the team can easily access medical services, whether it is specialist care or general outpatient visits.

A seamless experience for the young team

As a technology-driven startup, SleekFlow has a young team that believes in convenient and efficient services. This pursuit extends to when they use a medical service. They would expect their medical insurance coverage to be as convenient and efficient when they get their teeth cleaned or see a specialist. That’s why SleekFlow selected Bowtie as a partner – because we align with their company’s culture.

Why Bowtie?

An important reason SleekFlow chose Bowtie as their medical insurance provider is our convenient user experience. With Bowtie, employees can complete the activation of their coverage and submit claims on the platform themselves, resonating with SleekFlow’s efficiency-driven company culture. After using Bowtie, they also noticed an improvement in claims processing speed, and all their colleagues were very satisfied.

Henson also pointed out that the group medical insurance plan they used previously had a more complex process. There were insufficient resources online and the team often had to direct their queries to the agent to get help. Since switching to Bowtie, as coverage is not limited by any specific health network, employees can go to any clinic they prefer and quickly complete their insurance claims afterwards.

Simple and convenient claims process

In addition to the convenient claims process, if employees encounter any issues during the process or have questions about coverage or reimbursement amounts, they can directly contact Bowtie’s customer service specialists. Henson and his team are impressed by the quick response of our customer service, which has largely alleviated the HR and administrative pressure on the company.

Cost-effective medical benefits for startups

By removing agents or brokers from the process, such a comprehensive and flexible package has become much more affordable for the company. It's a win-win for both the employer and employees.

Bowtie’s group medical insurance offers useful online information, a simple claims process, and prompt customer service responses, greatly alleviating the HR and administrative burden on startups. This creates a win-win situation for both employers and employees, greatly appealing to small-to-medium enterprises, especially those led by the younger generation.

Bowtie Group Medical Insurance highlights

To assist employers or HR in achieving their goals, Bowtie has recorded multiple videos to provide step-by-step guidance and easy issue resolution.

How to create an employer account?

How to upload documents and submit an application on the employer account?

How to add or terminate members?

  • *Claims approval time may be affected by factors such as the complexity of the actual case and the submission time of medical reports or other supplementary documents.
  • The information displayed is for reference only and does not constitute nor is it intended to be construed as providing any offer, solicitation, or recommendation to purchase any insurance products.
  • Please refer to the policy provisions and relevant pages for the detailed terms and conditions. Customers should purchase a plan according to their company’s needs or actual conditions.

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