Group Medical Insurance
Group Medical Insurance

How Speedy Group supports their 1,000-people team | Customer stories

Speedy Group, currently offers IT support services to over 500 schools, SMEs, public institutions, and businesses in Hong Kong. Managing approximately 1,000 employees is not an easy task for the HR team, which is why they have opted for Bowtie’s corporate medical insurance to enhance their employee benefits.
Author Bowtie Team
Date 2023-12-27
Updated on 2023-12-27
1. All-in-one health solution2. Easy cost control3. Efficient administration4. Easy claim process

Scari Chan, the Human Resources Operations Manager at Speedy Group, has observed that in recent years, job seekers not only expect a competitive salary but also place importance on other aspects of benefits, such as annual leave, special holidays, and medical coverage. In light of this, the management at Speedy Group regularly reviews their employee benefits packages to ensure they are in line with industry standards.

As a technology company, Speedy Group focuses on customer-centric solutions and strives to digitise services to reduce unnecessary administrative procedures and costs. They are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality and reliable services, aligning perfectly with Bowtie’s service philosophy.

Now let’s hear the four reasons why Speedy Group have chosen Bowtie’s group medical insurance!

Customer story – How Speedy Group supports their 1,000-people team like a breeze

customer stories from Bowtie's corporate clients

1. All-in-one health solution

Many package plans on the market do not cover healthcare items like traditional Chinese medicine, health checkups, or include a surcharge for this additional coverage. At Bowtie, we are committed to delivering cost-effective products and have considered preventive health when we designed our insurance packages. Our package plans can cover dental care, TCM, chiropractors, and other specialists, besides the fundamental hospitalisation, surgery, and clinical benefits.

2. Easy cost control

Bowtie’s Group Medical insurance has a clear premium structure. Simply multiply the premium per member by 12 months, and you’ll get the annual cost of medical insurance for each staff. 

Having been using the benefits for over a year, Scari noticed that the premium remained unchanged throughout the year, unaffected by market inflation. This makes it much easier for administrative staff to estimate their budget and control costs.

3. Efficient administration

Administration processes of traditional insurance companies often involve back-and-forth communication and countless paperwork. It can easily take over a month from getting a quote to actually getting covered, as plenty of time is spent on the application and underwriting process. In contrast, Bowtie has introduced a much simpler, faster, and more convenient application process, of which most parts can be completed online.

With over a thousand employees, Speedy Group and its HR team are faced with significant workload every day. Not hard to imagine, whenever there’s new staff joining or employees leaving, timely updates to the company’s medical insurance are necessary. Bowtie streamlines these processes online by allowing HR staff to complete these steps simply by logging into the employer account. In fact, it takes just a handful of minutes to activate medical benefits for a new staff. This eliminates a substantial amount of time-consuming administrative tasks, saving the hassle for HRs or admin staff especially when they have to manage a large number of employees.

4. Easy claim process

Once the policy is activated, every employee can log in to their personal Bowtie account to view the details of their policy and submit claims. After visiting a doctor, all they need to do is take a photo of the receipt using their smartphone, answer a short questionnaire, and the claim process is completed. No more physical claim forms, and much more direct.

As a tech firm, many members of Speedy Group are “digital natives” from the younger generations. They feel more than comfortable using online self-service platforms, especially when Bowtie offers a user-friendly, intuitive online interface.

To assist employers or HR in achieving their goals, Bowtie has recorded multiple videos to provide step-by-step guidance and easy issue resolution.

How to create an employer account?

How to upload documents and submit an application on the employer account?

How to add or terminate members?

  • The information displayed is for reference only and does not constitute nor is it intended to be construed as providing any offer, solicitation, or recommendation to purchase any insurance products.
  • Please refer to the policy provisions and relevant pages for the detailed terms and conditions. Customers should purchase a plan according to their company’s needs or actual conditions.

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Be a smart HR. Bowtie helps you retain talents! Be a smart HR. Bowtie helps you retain talents!
Group Medical Insurance

Be a smart HR. Bowtie helps you retain talents!

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