Accidental Insurance vs. Sports Insurance


Accidental Insurance vs. Sports Insurance

Engaging in sports is beneficial for physical and mental health, but regardless of the type of sport, there is always a risk of accidents. Want to be protected? You can purchase accidental insurance or sports insurance!

Sports insurance mainly covers accidents that occur during sports activities and, like accidental insurance, covers general sports such as running and swimming. However, if you engage in less popular or high-risk sports, or if you suffer injuries from participating in competitions, only designated plans will provide coverage! 

This time, Bowtie will explain in detail the differences between sports insurance and accidental insurance. Based on the nature of the sport and your needs, you can choose the most appropriate insurance plan!

What is sports insurance?

“Sports insurance” is an insurance plan designed by insurance companies to address the potential risks of sports activities. It mainly provides a lump sum compensation for injury or accidental death while engaging in sports, as well as related medical expenses incurred due to injuries. In addition, some plans also provide personal liability coverage, protecting the insured from legal liabilities arising from accidental bodily injury or property damage to others while participating in covered sports.

Sports insurance covers a variety of common sports, including various water sports, land sports, ball sports, martial arts, and aerobic exercises, and some even cover extreme sports such as BMX freestyle or freestyle skateboarding. 

In addition to being available for the general public, some plans also accept professional athletes as insured persons. They may also cover regions outside of Hong Kong, allowing athletes to compete overseas without worries.

Some plans only cover a single sport, such as running, and provide special coverage for areas that are prone to injury during that sport.

Differences between sports insurance and accidental insurance

We have reviewed insurance plans from multiple insurance companies and found that sports insurance and accidental insurance have different coverage and extent of protection when it comes to sports injuries:

Sports InsuranceAccidental Insurance
Coverage PeriodCan be purchased by a number of days, with a minimum of 1 dayat least 1 year for accidental insurance
InsuredAmateur sports enthusiasts, semi-professional and professional athletes General public
Covered SportsTargeting single or multiple different types of sports, with some plans also covering extreme or professional sports or any competitions. Not designed for sports
Excluded SportsSome plans do not cover extreme or professional sports or any competitions. Typically, dangerous sports are not covered.
Area of ProtectionDepending on the plan, or covering professional competitions and sports conducted outside Hong Kongno territorial restrictions
Scope of ProtectionProfessional and amateur sports injuriesaccidents not limited only to sport
Compensation Method
  1. lump-sum compensation
  2. reimbursement for actual medical cost
  1. lump-sum compensation
  2. reimbursement for actual medical cost
Coverage of diseases during sportsSome plans cover heatstroke, heart attack, and unknown congenital heart disease attacks during competitions. NIL

What sports does Bowtie Touchwood cover?

Bowtie Touchwood (accidental insurance) covers general sports such as ball games, hiking, running, and cycling. From minor scratches or sprains to fractures or joint injuries, Bowtie provides annual medical coverage of up to HK$420,000 on a reimbursement basis.

What medical expenses does Bowtie Touchwood cover?

If the insured suffers from injuries, death, or disability due to participating in the covered sports, Bowtie’s Touchwood (accidental insurance) will cover the following medical expenses:

Benefit Items (due to accident)Benefit Limit
Physiotherapy, chiropractic and Chinese bone-setting treatmentsFor Injuries that involve bone fracture:

  • 6 visits per Accident causing the injury
  • $500 per visit
  • 1 visit per day

For Injuries that involve no bone fracture:

  • 4 visits per Accident causing injury
  • $250 per visit
  • 1 visit per day

8 visits per Policy Year (including visits for either of the above two types of Injuries)

Outpatient treatments^$5,000 per Policy Year

  • Consultation and Medication: $580 per visit
Room and Board$750 per day; 180 days per Policy Year
Attending doctor’s visit fees$750 per day; 180 days per Policy Year
Intensive care$3,500 per day;25 days per Policy Year
Confinement miscellaneous charges$14,000 per Policy Year
Specialist’s fees$4,300 per Policy Year
Surgeon’s feesPer surgery, subject to the surgical category in the Schedule of Surgical procedures:

  • Complex – $50,000 per Surgery
  • Major – $25,000 per Surgery
  • Intermediate – $12,500 per Surgery
  • Minor – $5,000 per Surgery
Anaesthetist’s fees35% of Surgeon’s fee payable
Operating theatre charges35% of Surgeon’s fee payable
Prescribed Diagnostic Imaging Tests70% of the expenses (30% expenses will be self-paid)

HK$20,000 per policy

Psychiatric treatments @$30,000 per Policy Year
Compassionate death benefit$15,000
  • #Must be provided by a registered physiotherapist, registered chiropractor, or registered Chinese medicine practitioner (bone injury).
  • ^ Including consultation fees and medication fees from registered doctors (excluding psychiatric treatment), X-ray diagnosis, and ultrasound scans.
  • @ Expenses incurred for hospitalization and psychiatric treatment within Hong Kong based on the advice of a specialist doctor.

Bowtie Touchwood’s monthly premium

If you are interested in purchasing Bowtie’s Touchwood (accidental insurance) and would like to know the monthly premium you should pay after purchasing, you can refer to the following table:

AgeGenderMonthly Premium
10 MHK$ 45
FHK$ 42
15 MHK$ 51
FHK$ 45
20 MHK$ 58
FHK$ 48
25 MHK$ 60
FHK$ 48
30 MHK$ 62
FHK$ 48
35 MHK$ 62
FHK$ 49
40 MHK$ 63
FHK$ 52
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