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Bowtie Story

Bowtie Customer Testimonial: Buying Medical Insurance For Parents Is An Act Of Love

Author Bowtie Team
Date 2022-06-09
Updated on 2022-10-26
Sudden blurred visionPrep with Bowtie before surgeryTake out insurance effortlessly to show your loveFiling a claim online is easier than you thinkSimple and smooth insurance experienceShare your thoughts with us

Many folks think that they don’t need medical insurance when they’re in good shape, but Mr. Chan believes that taking out medical insurance is an act of love. And because of Mr. Chan’s love, the insurance came to his father’s rescue, enabling him to concentrate on taking care of his father without worrying about the medical expenses and claim procedures. Let’s learn about his insurance claim journey together!

Mr. Chan (pseudonym) insured his father (Papa Chan) with Bowtie VHIS – Flexi Plan (Regular). Around half a year after taking out the insurance, Papa Chan began to experience blurred vision. Later, Papa Chan was diagnosed with cataracts and needed immediate surgery. All shook up, Mr. Chan called Bowtie’s customer service specialists and was luckily offered timely assistance.

Sudden blurred vision

In July 2021, Papa Chan’s vision began to deteriorate. His vision was blurry, whether up close or far away. He couldn’t read the restaurant menu and was even seeing double. Therefore, Mr. Chan and his sister took Papa Chan to have his eyes examined. After the eye examinations, Papa Chan was diagnosed with cataracts and needed to undergo phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation. 

At that moment, both Mr. Chan and his sister were worried. On the one hand, they were concerned about the risks of surgery, given their father’s old age; on the other hand, they were distressed by the costly surgery.

Prep with Bowtie before surgery

Mr. Chan immediately called the Bowtie customer service team to find out whether VHIS would cover cataract surgery, the estimated reimbursement amount, things to note regarding admission and discharge, etc. After addressing all his concerns, Mr. Chan and his sister arranged an operation for Papa Chan in 1-2 days so that Papa Chan could receive timely treatment.

Take out insurance effortlessly to show your love

You may not see it this way, but I think buying insurance for my father is an act of love.

Papa Chan mentioned that he did not need medical insurance as he didn’t want to burden his children financially. Like every parent, he tried to save his children’s money. On the contrary, Mr. Chan thought it was worth spending HK$1,000 a month on health insurance for his parents. Parents’ health simply cannot be overlooked. Taking out medical insurance for your parents helps to protect their health and is also an act of love.

In the past, Mr. Chan had tried applying for insurance through an agent but found the whole process to be too much hassle. Therefore, he tried to buy insurance online and found that the entire Bowtie insurance process was very convenient. He only had to answer a few questions. In short, the whole experience was a walk in the park!

Filing a claim online is easier than you think

If I have to undergo surgery in the future, I am also happy to file a claim online. It is more convenient than contacting and handing over the documents to an agent!

Mr. Chan had never claimed before and always thought it would be more practical to have an agent. However, since Bowtie’s online claim process is very convenient and easy to use, it turned out to be much simpler than he imagined. After his father’s surgery, Mr. Chan uploaded all the documents to Bowtie’s system. The claim was approved in a few days, and he promptly received the reimbursement.

Simple and smooth insurance experience

I’ve introduced my entire family to Bowtie! No shame in that because it really works!

The eyesight of Mr. Chan’s father was affected by cataracts and needed surgery on both eyes. The total cost was nearly HK$60,000. Fortunately, almost all the expenses were reimbursed with the Bowtie VHIS coverage. Throughout the claim process, the Bowtie customer service team patiently addressed all of Mr. Chan’s concerns, which reduced his financial stress and eased the worries of the Chan family. Also, it enabled Papa Chan to receive prompt treatment!

  • The above case is an authentic account and for reference only. Actual medical expenses will depend on the doctor’s advice and decision regarding the patient’s physical condition.
  • Note: BowtieCash allows you to pay for eligible medical costs that exceed Bowtie VHIS Plans coverage and is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please refer to the campaign rules of the BowtieCash Program.
  • *HK$6,560 of which is available via Supplementary Major Medical Benefits (SMM)

We are committed to doing better and more for you. Whether it is about pre-admission compensation estimates, cashless hospitalization, or post-discharge claim procedures, we’re happy to answer your questions so that you can access timely assistance and treatment. As long as you reach out to us, we’ll answer all of your questions and help you get the highest settlement!

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