Does VHIS cover dental care?


Does VHIS cover dental care?

In addition to physical body health, dental health is also very important. Neglecting dental health can lead to serious illnesses such as periodontal disease, causing unbearable pain. As one of the most popular medical insurances on the market, does VHIS provide coverage for dental check-ups and treatments? Let Bowtie dive deep with you!

VHIS will provide coverage for necessary surgery due to accidental injury (such as teeth being broken due to sudden impact), but will not cover daily dental care such as cleaning, root canal treatment, fillings, and other similar services, nor will it cover services related to the appearance of teeth, such as braces and teeth whitening.

Coverage for dental surgery

Taking Bowtie VHIS as an example, the coverage for different plans is as follows:

Flexi Regular Flexi PlusBowtie Pink (High-end VHIS)
Surgeon’s feeMinorHK$6,000 / sessionHK$9,000/sessionFull Coverage*
IntermediateHK$15,000/ sessionHK$22,500/session
Major HK$30,000/ sessionHK$45,000/session
ComplexHK$60,000/ sessionHK$90,000/session
Anaesthetist’s feeMinorHK$2,100/sessionHK$3,200/sessionFull Coverage*
IntermediateHK$5,300/ sessionHK$7,900/session
Major HK$10,500/sessionHK$15,800/session
Operating theatre chargesMinorHK$2,100/sessionHK$3,200/sessionFull Coverage*
IntermediateHK$5,300/ sessionHK$7,900/session
Major HK$10,500/sessionHK$15,800/session
  • *The Bowtie Pink Voluntary Health Insurance series fully covers eligible medical expenses such as diagnosis, hospitalisation, surgery, and prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments (except in the United States), and is subject to annual benefit limits and lifetime benefit limits. If the claim involves confinement in a Mainland China Hospital unlisted in / a High-end Mainland China Hospital listed in the "List of Designated Hospitals in Mainland China" / confinement in a room higher than the restricted ward class / a pre-existing condition, the relevant benefit payable may be adjusted.

How to obtain additional outpatient coverage?

Since most VHIS on the market do not cover dental expenses, Bowtie has launched BowtieGo outpatient membership to further fill the coverage gap, allowing insured persons of Bowtie VHIS to receive dental check-ups or cleaning services at up to half the price.

In addition to dental care, BowtieGo’s outpatient benefits also include general outpatient, traditional Chinese medicine outpatient, 24 specialist outpatient clinics, and physiotherapy services.

Customers who successfully enroll in Bowtie VHIS will automatically become members of BowtieGo, and can enjoy high-quality outpatient services at a discounted price without any claim procedures. There is no limit on the number of times used within the effective period, making it very flexible and convenient.

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