Comparison of Standard VHIS Plans


Comparison of Standard VHIS Plans

According to the Health Bureau, as of August 31, 2022, there are a total of 33 VHIS standard plans on the market. Although the coverage of different plans is generally the same, the premiums can vary by up to 3.23 times! Want to know which insurance company has the cheapest premium? And the claim ratio of different plans? Find out more now.

Monthly Premium Comparison

Bowtie’s information team has selected three other companies that also offer VHIS and online application options to compare premiums for everyone.

The four companies are: Companies B, C, and F offer “annual premium payment options,” while Bowtie only offers “monthly premium payment options.”

Generally, annual premiums are cheaper than monthly premiums. For example, for a 50-year-old female with standard premiums from Company F, if she chooses to pay annually, the annual premium is HK$4,941. However, if she chooses to pay monthly (HK$445 per month), the annual premium will be HK$5,340, which is nearly HK$400 more than paying annually. 

This shows that “annual payment” is a more cost-effective payment method.

However, even though the three companies offer “annual premium payment options,” their premiums are still more expensive than Bowtie.

Premium Comparison for Women of Different Ages

AgeBowtie Company B^Company C^Company F^
10 HK$84💰HK$200💰💰 HK$164HK$127
20 HK$109💰HK$154HK$177💰💰 HK$160
30 HK$156💰HK$195HK$220💰💰 HK$215
40 HK$210💰HK$342💰💰 HK$266HK$293
50 HK$319💰HK$536💰💰 HK$382HK$412
60 HK$422💰HK$854💰💰 HK$592HK$589
70 HK$692💰HK$1,264💰💰 HK$956HK$903
80 HK$944💰HK$1,493HK$1,602💰💰 HK$1,220

Premium Comparison for Men of Different Ages

AgeBowtie Company B^Company C^Company F^
10 HK$85💰HK$200💰💰HK$164HK$114
20 HK$93💰HK$154HK$177💰💰 HK$131
30 HK$123💰HK$195HK$220HK$166
40 HK$171💰HK$342💰💰HK$266HK$220
50 HK$268💰HK$536💰💰HK$382HK$342
60 HK$439💰HK$854💰💰HK$592HK$561
70 HK$740💰HK$1,264💰💰HK$956HK$961
80 HK$1,009💰HK$1,493HK$1,602💰💰 HK$1,312
  • *Assuming the policyholder does not have a smoking habit
  • ^The annual premium is divided by 12 months (rounded off)
  • Note: The above premiums are pre-discount prices
  • Note: 💰 indicates the cheapest option, 💰💰 indicates the most expensive option
  • Note: The above standard premiums were obtained from the Health Bureau on June 12, 2023. Insurance companies may update their premiums from time to time, so please refer to the official website for the latest charges.

Coverage Comparison

The coverage of the standard plans from the above companies are generally the same. The following are the main coverage of the four companies, which shows that the coverage is the same.

Bowtie Company B^Company C^Company F^
Annual benefit limitHK$420,000/year
Room and boardHK$750/day (up to 180 days per year)
Attending doctor’s visit feeHK$750/day (up to 180 days per year)
Intensive careHK$3,500/day (up to 25 days per year)
Surgeon’s feeHK$5,000 to HK$50,000/ session
Miscellaneous HK$14,000/year
Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatmentHK$80,000/year
Prescribed Diagnostic Imaging TestsHK$20,000/year (with 30% co-insurance)
Psychiatric treatment (only inpatient service in Hong Kong) HK$30,000/year

Claims Ratio Data Comparison

Between April and December 2019, there were a total of 26,000 claims for VHIS, with a success rate of up to 96%. The average claims payout ratio for standard plans was also over 80%, which is very good.

In 2020, Bowtie’s average claims payout ratio for VHIS was 83%, and with BowtieCash, the average claims payout ratio was close to 95%!

Other Additional Coverage

In addition to enjoying BowtieCash rewards, policyholders of Bowtie’s VHIS can also become members of BowtieGo outpatient protection for free, and receive medical services such as general outpatient, Chinese medicine outpatient, 24 specialty outpatient, dental and physiotherapy at up to half price.

Policyholders can also upgrade to BowtieGo Premium members for an additional premium of only HK$49 per month, and receive an annual “preventive” health check-up.

Family Discount (Standard/Flexi Plan only)

New customers who successfully purchase Bowtie’s voluntary health insurance before June 30, 2023, can enjoy a 35% discount on the first-year premium. If two or more people successfully purchase, each person will earn an additional HK$1,000 BowtieCash.

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